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Clergy Terms of Service

Support for Clergy and stipendiary Licensed Lay Workers

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Clergy Terms of Service (CTS) is the term for a package of changes made to the way clergy and Licensed Lay Workers (LLWs) within the Church of England are deployed. CTS legislation came into effect on 1 February 2011.

Clergy and stipended LLWs already benefit from many of these provisions. CTS ensures that everyone holding the Bishop’s Licence enjoys the same rights and responsibilities, and that support and accountability are balanced.

These changes are a natural evolution of current best practice, encouraging wellbeing and creating an environment for individuals to develop their God-given gifts and skills.

Newly-appointed clergy benefit from a Role Description available prior to interview. Role Descriptions follow a competency-based model devised via Focus Groups of clergy and laity held with New Testament scholar Dr Paula Gooder in 2010.

As more material becomes available, these web pages will be updated so that you will be able to find information on how CTS may affect you. Meanwhile, here is a to the national Common Tenure web pages: www.commontenure.org.

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