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Wellbeing- Dignity at Work

by Michael Ford last modified 22 Jan, 2018 01:38 PM

The official diocesan policy.

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Updated Listing 'Dignity at Work' was updated January 2018


As the church, visible in the Diocese of Salisbury, we affirm that our wellbeing is essential to our ministry and mission as the people of God. It is an integral part of that formation which enables us to grow into the full stature of Christ and be his vibrant presence in the world. It is through loving and caring for one another and ourselves that we witness to our love of God. It is with these deeply held beliefs that we offer a range of wellbeing resources, calling one another into renewed commitment to the life-long process of growing in wholeness of ministry.

Our Diocesan view of wellbeing is one of on-going formation, expressed through the following diverse, far reaching and interdependent areas: my role (professional development); my relationships (interacting with others); myself (self awareness and care).

See the grey 'Resources' box on the left for support contact points.

Wellbeing seeks to respond to the above by:

  • Modelling work life balance and honouring the integrity of the person in all areas of our common life
  • Making provision for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our ministers
  • Developing a culture of care and support amongst colleagues with particular emphasis on the life of Chapters
  • Providing access to appropriate forms of confidential care and help for those who need them
  • Providing the opportunity for sharing and exploring work and personal issues in the context of reflective practice groups
  • Offering through the CMD programme events and opportunities which are nurturing and restorative as well as educational and developmental

Diocesan members of the Wellbeing coordinating group would welcome any thoughts or comments. Please feel free to contact them: contact details are below.

Related links, information and support

The CMD (Continuing Ministerial Development) Brochure contains information on support for Ministry and Wellbeing, including information on Retreats, Quiet Days, Day Events, Spiritual Direction. In particular it contains information on:

  • Reflective Practice Groups
    An opportunity to join together with colleagues in a confidential environment for development and change through reflective practice. Regular sessions facilitated by a professional facilitator from outside the authority structures of the church. Contact Sue Chandler at Church House:
    01722 411944, 
  • Individual Consultancy
    An opportunity to access different kinds of individual support for those wishing to work with a designated person on specific issues. Contact Jane Charman:
    01722 411944, 
  • Team Consultancy
    The Diocesan Team Consultancy Adviser offers consultancy resources to both formal and informal teams. Contact David Durston:
    01722 334017, 
  • Confidential Care
    Confidential care and help is available to clergy and their families who are experiencing difficulties which adversely affect their wellbeing. For advice contact John Whittle:
    07971 080682, 

Download a copy from the grey 'Resources' box on the left.

Ministry of Deliverance

The Diocesan Deliverance Group is available to help where needed. Contact Stephen Robbins via Church House, Salisbury SP1 2QB. Inquiries via 01722 411922 or .

Ministry of Healing

The Wholeness and Healing Team have advisers and conveners of groups in each archdeaconry. For more information about the work of the Wholeness and Healing Team contact 

Dignity at Work

The Diocese aims to provide a supportive environment in which the rights of individuals are respected and each person is treated with dignity and courtesy at all times.  Abuse, harassment and bullying will, therefore, not be tolerated, complaints will be taken seriously and complaints will be thoroughly investigated. Further information can be obtained from the Diocesan Dignity at Work Policy, available from the grey 'Resources' box on the left.

The Wellbeing coordinating group are:


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