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Wholeness & Healing

The ministry of wholeness and healing in the diocese of Salisbury: basic information, guidelines for good practice and forthcoming events

About Wholeness and Healing

This ministry is not something extraordinary, but a deepening and development of what is always at the centre of the Gospel.

"The Healing Ministry is Jesus’ ministry entrusted to us, always to be exercised with reverence, love and compassion. The guiding principle is to recognise the presence of God in those receiving this ministry and honour his presence in them”

Bishop’s Adviser for Wholeness and Healing
Revd Dr Jane Culliford
01305 264360, janeculliford@aol.com

Updated Listing The Church of England has a new national Healing Ministry Website packed with information, resources and best practice at www.healingministry.org.uk.

171015 Wholeness and Healing Conference.jpgUpdated Listing A celebration event for the Church's ministry of wholeness and healing will be held at Salisbury Cathedral on 17 October 2015. To secure your place, please return this booking form.

Instead of guest speakers, the event will be led by people involved with the healing ministry within the Diocese: this is a ministry at the heart of the gospel not something for a few who like that sort of thing!

The day will take place in the context of the Eucharist, with time for anointing and prayer ministry.

About the Diocesan Wholeness and Healing Group

Vision: To see this ministry as part of the normal life of every parish and benefice in the Diocese.

Mission Statement: To promote through training and example, the development of good practice in the Christian Wholeness and Healing Ministry within the Diocese.


  • To support local clergy and their congregations and enable them to encourage the healing ministry to be part of everyday spiritual life in the parish.
  • To encourage LLMs, LPAs and all those involved in ministry to gain deeper understanding of the healing ministry.
  • To be available and responsive to parishes, chapters or individual requests for support, encouragement and teaching.
  • To provide opportunities across the Diocese for specific training events and speakers throughout the year.
  • To enable a greater insight into the availability of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • To develop links ecumenically and with the medical profession across the diocese

Click here for 'Diocesan Guidelines for Good Practice in the Healing Ministry' 

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The 'laying on of hands' for healing
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The 'laying on of hands' for healing