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Poole Missional Communities

by Michael Ford last modified 22 Nov, 2016 05:15 PM

Paul Bradbury was licensed into the regeneration area of Poole in September 2008.

The Reconnect community was started in September 2009 and Poole Missional Communities, a charitable company, was formed in 2011 to oversee the work that was emerging from this community.

Reconnect is now a community of about 50 adults and children which has also developed other communities as individuals from Reconnect have started missional initiatives. One initiative, Space for Life, started in 2012 is now a community of about 30 women who meet weekly to share creativity. The time together includes a time of quiet and Biblical reflection and from this a number of people have begun exploring faith. Other projects include a film club and a community dinner aimed building relationships with those more marginalised in the town.

PMC was given a Bishop’s Mission Order in 2011 which was then renewed in 2016. Whilst Reconnect and its associated communities continue to grow and develop PMC is now engaged in working with others to develop similar work. There are four main strands to this work:

  1. Learning Community – a gathering of the leadership teams of 6 local missional initiatives and Fresh Expressions. The learning community gathers for a day of learning and mutual support 3 times a year and 1:1 coaching is offered to leaders in between each session.
  2. Missional Community – working with others to use the principles of missional community to engage with new contexts in their parish or area. We are currently working with a group of Christians drawn from a number of churches who all live on Turlin Moor, a deprived estate on the edge of Poole. We are also looking to start a missional community that will engage with young adults in the town.
  3. Breathing Spaces - this project started in 2016 with a grant from the Aldhelm Mission Fund. It is designed to work with others to apply the success of Space for Life. Breathing Spaces will look to create similar communities and explore the use of quiet days and spiritual direction amongst those seeking faith.
  4. Parish Pioneer Days – we are offering day workshops for PCCs or other parish groups in the Poole area looking for inspiration in engaging in new ways with their wider community using the principles of pioneer ministry.

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