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Social Justice

The Social Justice Programme seeks to inspire and support parishes and the whole Diocese as together we respond to the needs of local communities and the wider world.

The king will answer them, ‘Truly, I tell you, just as you did it to the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’
-Matthew 25:40

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Updated ListingSunday 18 January
Get involved in Homeless Sunday 2015

Homeless Sunday is fast approaching – a chance for churches and their communities to consider a new approach to their work with vulnerable and marginalised people. Homeless Sunday provides the ideal opportunity for groups and individuals to arrange activities, dedicate local services, or improve awareness towards helping homeless people. This year the event, supported by Housing Justice, asks people to ‘connect, challenge and commit’. Think about what you can do in your community, whether it is a small practical action, or a commitment to a nationwide scheme.
Click here for a briefing, call 020 7269 1630 or email info@churchhousingtrust.org.uk.

Updated ListingFriday 13 March
The Alabaré Annual Sleep Out in Salisbury and Trowbridge
Raising essential funds to support the homeless using Drop-in Centres in Salisbury and Trowbridge. Users come from all walks of life, benefitting from hot meals and drinks, clothing and washing facilities.  Just as important is the practical, non-judgemental support and advice available on health, housing, employment and training. The Drop-in Centres are funded entirely through the generosity of individuals and organisations but, faced with a greater number of vulnerable adults calls on the service are increasing.
In the last three years, some 370 willing supporters, many from local churches, schools, businesses and community groups, have experienced what it is like to sleep outdoors in winter on the cold, hard ground of the Cathedral Cloisters or at the United Church, Trowbridge. One night is long enough - what if you faced it night after night?  On average, homeless people die 30 years before the national average. Even more tragic, homeless people are considerably more likely to commit suicide than the general population.


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Church Urban Fund have written to the Bishop of Salisbury.
Clergy briefing here 

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Social Justice Programme

In response to the consultation, Christians in the Community; Challenging Injustice and Need, a small group has worked to develop a programme that includes project ideas that can be replicated in local settings as well as supporting wider campaigns for justice.

We will be promoting work that:

  • Builds a network of local Social Justice Champions to encourage local action
  • Develops Read Easy groups to assist adults in becoming confident readers, building on the success of groups in Dorchester and Bridport. www.readeasy.org.uk 
  • Supports the Cathedral’s plans for the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta in 2015 by extending the reach of mentoring schemes for ex-offenders. www.footprintsproject.co.uk 

The Social Justice Programme also encompasses our continuing work that includes care for the environment, international development, addressing poverty issues, inclusion, racial justice, Gypsies and Travellers, urban priority areas, rural affairs, and links to government at local and national levels.

The Social Justice Programme is supported by Colin Brady working as the Social Justice Programme Manager and by the Social Justice Working Group. Email Colin via: colin.brady@salisbury.anglican.org.

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