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The Episcopal Church of South Sudan & The Episcopal Church of Sudan

by Michael Ford last modified 31 Jul, 2017 06:39 AM

Background and biography

Originally a Diocese of the province of Jerusalem and the Middle East, Sudan became a province in its own right in 1976.  It had just four Dioceses.

After surviving near constant civil war since 1956, the Episcopal Church of Sudan has evolved to a fully autonomous province of 30 Dioceses.

Since the Independence of South Sudan in 2011 the church remained as one Province - the Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Sudan - covering two countries, with the Internal Province of Sudan being created.  During 2016 and 2017 a number of Internal Provinces have been created within South Sudan - Internal Province of Western Equatoria (Archbishop Peter Munde); Internal Province of Jonglei (Archbishop Ruben Akurdid); Internal Province of Upper Nile (Archbishop Hilary Garang); Internal Province of Northern Bhar el Ghazal (Archbishop Moses Deng Bol); Internal Province of Eastern Equatoria (Archbishop Bernard Oringa); Internal Province of Lakes (Archbishop Alapayo Kuctiel); Internal Province of Central Equatoria (Archbishop Paul Yugusuk).

On 30th July 2017 the Archbishop of Canterbury (Rt Rev Justin Welby) visited Khartoum to inaugurate the 39th Province in the Anglican Communion - the Province of Sudan - the churches - Episcopal Church of Sudan and Episcopal Church of South Sudan are now recognised as two independent bodies.  The Diocese of Salisbury will continue to work with both Provinces. 


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