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by Michael Ford last modified 11 Oct, 2017 12:20 PM
"The delivery of the PSA is excellent. The advisers are clear and concise. Having been serving headteachers they make things easy to understand and go out of their way to help in any way possible."

PSA- Footprints in the Sand

Gifted Core Foundation Provision

The Board of Education has been working to claim our role as servant leader; to serve Church schools we have therefore listened carefully to school leaders about their needs. Working with you, and learning from what you say, we have reimagined, reinvented and enormously improved our core work and the diagram below defines, for the first time, in one place, the statutory and non-statutory work provided, gifted (without charge), to all SDBE Church of England schools and academies.

We ask you to consider the breadth and depth of the Core Foundation Provision and reflect on the scope of the gift of the DBE to your school and the way in which through this provision we can further support you.

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Core Foundation Provision 
The Partnership Service Agreement 2017/ 18 
The 5 elements of your PSA Subscription, explained
Support through PSA credits 
Contacts for the PSA 

 PSA - Core Foundation ProvisionThe PSA sits within the Core Foundation Provision which is yours by right as the leader of a Church school or academy; including, from September 2017, professional development for all headteachers gifted, at no extra charge.

Please hover over the green icons for details of this provision. If using an iPhone or iPad, touch and hold.

SDBE Strategic Engagement with DfE, RSC, LAs, Teaching School Alliances: the DBE continues to develop strong working relationships with key organisations, enabling us to act strategically in support of Church schools General Advice on School Estate and Free Schools: provision of strategic, operational leadership of the schools’ estate, including management of  SCA and DFC processes, new free school provision, advice to VA schools on buildings issues Appointment of Foundation Governors- Strategic Advice: SDBE has developed a clear policy and documentation for the appointment of foundation governors. All our VA and VC schools must adhere to this policy, including required SDBE governor training Core Foundation Provision for SIAMS: provision of a SIAMS manager to organise the inspection on behalf of school governors, quality assurance of inspections and inspectors, adviser support in identifying actions to achieve necessary goals Headteacher Appointment Support: to governors, for the entire process of each appointment of head teacher/ head of school/ principal/ CEO: preliminary meeting, shortlisting and interviewing; plus management of the headteacher appointment system and team Strategic Leadership of MAT Development: provision of academies and free schools policy; access to advice on academisation; local meetings to facilitate understanding and development of the MAT landscape; liaison with the RSC’s office Provision of MAT Members Programme: includes termly network meeting to support Corporate Members, Foundation Members and Foundation Directors, plus provision of advice and resources to support Members and Directors in their foundation role Provision of DSAT: the opportunity to join DSAT is core foundation provision for every school Model Admissions Policy: provision of an annual Model Admissions Policy and guidebook for schools that are their own admissions authority, with separate models for each point of entry. Support comes in partnership with an excellent specialist legal firm Strategic Engagement With Schools Causing Concern: includes evidence-based discussions with school/academy leaders, termly contact to explore impact of actions, development of DBE high-level strategic partnerships with teaching schools, LAs, DfE etc Children & Young People Schools Parishes Support: for transformational development of CYP work, including adviser time with parishes, benefices, deaneries re: development of innovative practice, plus provision of central training for church teams Provision of the PSA: bespoke support for church school improvement from expert advisers, all of whom are previous headteachers of church schools. Building relationships is at the heart of this work and is its proven strength Critical Incident Support: for moments of extreme crisis. There is a 24-hour critical incident helpline, provision of an in-school critical incident support team with incident-specific skills, plus signposting and brokering for further long term help Core Foundation Support for Secondary Leaders: provision for all secondary schools to support development of Church school effectiveness and distinctiveness through a range of approaches. Foci will include the quality and impact of collective worship Headteacher Annual CPD 2017/18: Values and Vision: a core piece of CPD, vital to ALL church schools. In 2017/18, the focus is on reviewing and developing your school’s core Christian values and vision as one coherent whole, owned and understood by all Provision of Year Six Leavers Service

The DBE is involved in education because we want to empower, enable and encourage transformational leadership in schools and parishes, which, in turn transforms the lives of children and young people. The core of this work is about building relationships, the DBE can only serve schools effectively if it has strong relationships with them.

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PSA - The Partnership Service Agreement 2017/18

£575 +VAT  

To complement the gifted Core Foundation Provision we have developed our Partnership Service Agreement – a subscription service. This service and your subscription to it, is precious to us, further supporting our all-important relationship with each other. You have been clear with us that in order for church school effectiveness to be truly supported by your church school distinctiveness the PSA needs to meet some very specific needs.

The Partnership Service Agreement (PSA) has become a successful tool for building those relationships. The 2017/18 PSA continues that work providing an increased level of support in light of headteacher and governor feedback.

At the very heart of the new structure of the PSA with schools are five key strands of work which are the entitlement of all schools and academies that subscribe, without further cost. These key strands have been carefully planned to help schools to ensure that their church school distinctiveness leads to effectiveness.

The Partnership Service Agreement 2017/18, your subscription of £575 will give you the support of 5 key strands:

PSA- Subscription Entitlement

  1. A link adviser and a school/ academy improvement visit to every school and academy. More here 
  2. A local CPD programme for RE Co-ordinators and a local CPD programme for Collective Worship Co-ordinators. More here 
  3. A training and support programme for all Headteachers new to post. More here 
  4. Training and support for all new (or those who wish to refresh) Foundation Governors. More here 
  5. A discounted menu of bespoke school support (see below), CPD programme and academy conversion fee through the purchase of credits. More here 

Click here to visit our Subscription page for more details of what you get for your money.

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 Support through PSA Credits

In addition to the five key strands the DBE is also engaged with schools in many other aspects of bespoke school distinctiveness and improvement work, accessed through credit purchase. Through the PSA schools are accessing a range of provision and tailored work which is bespoke for their needs and context.

The school effectiveness adviser plans a programme of work with the school, designed to meet the school’s need, identified from the school development plan. The DBE is also excited that Academy Trusts are accessing PSA credits for predecessor community and church schools and that schools and academies are using credits to develop a relationship with a Challenge and Support Adviser, including for headteacher performance management.

The bespoke support is designed to support you to ensure that your church school distinctiveness leads to effectiveness.

Please click an icon to visit a page.

SMSC- Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural Distinctive and Effective RE Distinctive and Effective Worship Parish-School Partnership Restorative Ethos Support for Academy Conversion Admissions Appeals School Self Evaluation Email, Skype and Telephone Support Audit of Your School as a Church School- Mid-cycle SIAMS Review Support for Schools Causing Concern Reviewing Values and Vision CASP- Challenge And Support Partner Distinctive and Effective Foundation Governance CPD Programme   

RATE 1 1/2 day (up to 3 hours) 4 credits £450.00 + VAT
RATE 2 1 day (up to 6 hours) 7 credits £780.00 + VAT

  Rates apply for groups of up to 20: for groups over 20 there will be a charge of 1 credit per 10 people, or part thereof. Individual credits are £75 + VAT.

Click here for a PSA Subscription form.

Click here for FAQs.


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Contacts for the PSA:

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