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PSA- Restorative Ethos

by Michael Ford last modified 25 May, 2017 02:31 PM
"Restorative Justice has transformed my school. It was just what we needed to move our school to a completely different level."

PSA - Restorative Ethos

Restorative Justice is about making sure that the needs of all members of the community are met when situations of conflict occur.  Instead of apportioning blame and punishment, it is a process which seeks to find the causes of conflict and to address them - leading to a solution based approach which changes poor behaviours and enhances relationships. This results in a thoughtful and supportive community where a consistent approach is taken by all adults, to a given script - which gives confidence to staff in administering the approach and satisfaction to the children, that they are listened to and that their worries and concerns are effectively addressed.

The result is a community that is not impeded by unresolved relationship disputes and unaddressed inappropriate behaviours. Thus, the school can operate at optimum effectiveness both pastorally and academically.

If you would like bespoke support and staff training to develop this approach in your school, please contact your diocesan school effectiveness adviser.

Cost of Support:

RATE 1 1/2 day (up to 3 hours) 4 credits £450.00 + VAT
RATE 2 1 day (up to 6 hours) 7 credits £780.00 + VAT

Rates apply for groups of up to 20: for groups over 20 there will be a charge of 1 credit per 10 people, or part thereof.

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