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Monthly Thought

By the Ven Alan Jeans, Archdeacon of Sarum

“Here I am Lord, Is it I Lord? I have heard you calling in the night...”  One of the popular hymns of our generation, and a question that connects the young Samuel, Jesus and his first disciples, and each one of us today.

Bishop Nicholas’ three questions to each of us as we Renew Hope, and respond to the challenge of realising new vocations: What do you pray for? Whom do you serve? How will you grow? These also link with our sense of connectedness to God, our rootedness as followers of Jesus, and our understanding of our Spirit-given gifts in this Trinity season.

Our answers to those questions will spring out of our understanding of who we are, our humanity, and our willingness to become tangled in the divinity gifted to us in baptism.
That Christ-light, which shines out from our Christian lifestyle will surely show how God can use us – plain, ordinary people like us – and through his grace, transform us into his likeness, and then through us, transform the people and places around us.  Vocation is an exciting and often unpredictable journey.

Vocation starts with Bishop Nicholas’ three questions. Vocation is something that each of us is being called to explore, in our homes, our workplaces, in our congregations, schools and communities.

As a lay minister, ordained minister, or Christian living in the world, God needs you. The Church needs you. Your city, town, village or hamlet needs you.

There are so many stories of Renewing Hope being shared across our Diocese.  There are new opportunities to take hold of, and it’s wonderful to hear of how people are grasping them. Together we can achieve so much as we sing, “I will go Lord, if You lead me. I will hold Your people in my heart.”

Ven Alan Jeans

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Archdeacon of Sarum
Archdeacon of Sarum