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The Bishop of Sherborne

The Right Reverend Dr Graham Kings

Updated Listing Bishop Graham moved to become the Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion on 16th July. As a result we are seeking a new Bishop of Sherborne. Click here to learn if it might be you, or someone you know.


Email: gsherborne@salisbury.anglican.org

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19 April 2015 - Farewell Service Salisbury Cathedral

Bishop Graham preached at Evensong in Salisbury Cathedral at a service giving thanks for his time in the Diocese and blessing him and saying farewell to Bishop Graham and Ali, as Bishop Graham moves to become the Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion.

 Farewell Ali and G

5 April 2015 - Easter Day


Who is this man facing this woman?
Coming from the right,
profile clear, bearded;
hand outstretched, palm down;
gloriously appareled.

Behind her, two angels hover
reflecting her shape:
behind him, scented trees lean
setting the scene:
below her, a dark opening hints.
All silent witnesses.

The eyes have it:
focus of tension and attention.
One word awakes her: 'Mary'.
One word responds: 'Rabbouni'.

Their hands shape a triangle
at the centre of meeting:
her two, shocked and suppliant;
his one, blessing, calming, sending.

3 April 2015 - Easter Message

 Death at the Heart of Life

 ‘It’s not that I’m afraid to die, it’s just that I don’t want to be there at the time.’ Woody Allen’s wit is wry and dry and touches a subject at the heart of life. One out of one people die: the ultimate statistic. We can swerve to avoid many things but the only way to cope with death is to face it, go through with it and through it.

 Christians believe that in this confrontation with death we are not alone. We can follow in the wake of One who has gone before us and come out the other side, transformed. This following does not just happen only at death, but during our life.

 In thinking about this, I imagined a cyclist tucked in behind a colleague, following in his slipstream; a group of people walking behind a leader who has slashed a way through nettles and branches in a wood; a boat cutting through the water, leaving an arrow shape behind it. After meditating on these, I wrote the following prayer:

 We follow in your trail,
        blazing through life;
We sail in your wake,
        surging through death;
We are your body,
        you are our head;
Ablaze with life,
        awake from the dead.

 Alison and I have loved living in Dorset for these six years. We have put down roots and made many deep friendships. Now a new call beckons.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church Mission Society (CMS) and Durham University have founded a seven year post, ‘Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion’.

I will be researching, encouraging, and publishing works of theology in the Communion, with a particular focus on insights from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

 10 March 2015 - Wool and East Stoke

Bishop Graham conducted his last licensing services at the Church of The Holy Rood at Wool, when he licensed Revd Rhona Floate first as Vicar, after 8 years as Priest-in-Charge and then he commissioned her as the Rural Dean of the Purbeck Deanery.

At the reception afterwards the Bishop, who served in the Fifth Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, met the new Garrison Commander at Bovington Camp, Colonel Gordon Judd.


G and Col Judd

 Bishop Graham with Garrison Commander

February 2015 - Lytchett Minster, Youth Cafe

Lytchett Minster Cafe

Bishop Graham blessed the new £100,000 venue for the young community of Lytchett Minister. Based in the car park of the parish church on Dorchester Road, the Youth Cafe was dedicated by Rt Rev Dr Graham Kings to a crowd of church members and young people. See also a full report on the new hub for Lytchett Minster at Youth Café

16 February 2015 - Bishop of Sherborne new job

Bishop Graham has been Bishop of Sherborne since 2009. His farewell service is at Evensong, 4.30pm, at Salisbury Cathedral, on Sunday 19 April 2015. In July he is moving on to be, “Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion”. Based in London, this innovative post has been created by the partnership of The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church Mission Society and Durham University. For the web site CLICK HERE. For the full press release see New Job for Bishop Graham.

7 February 2015 - Confirmation at Sherborne Girls School

Sherborne Girls

Thirty eight girls and staff from Sherborne Girls took the decision to follow their confirmation journey this year. Each one was joined on the day by one member of the Sherborne Abbey congregation who made them truly feel they were becoming part of a world wide church.The candidates enjoyed a celebratory breakfast with the Bishop Graham, before the service. Together with one baptism, all were reminded of the vows said at their own baptism, and each candidate, together with their sponsor then took those vows on for themselves. They were then blessed by the bishop.

1 February 2015 - St Stephen Harding

St Stephen Harding

Bishop Graham wrote an article in The Times, 31 Jan 2015, on St Stephen Harding, a monk of Sherborne Abbey and Third Abbot of Citeaux, who died in 1134, it may be read here. There is a window, dated 1963, to Harding in the Saxon porch of Sherborne Abbey.
He was also interviewed on BBC Radio Solent about St Stephen Harding - to listen to the interview click here.

1 February  - Dorset Historic Churches

Dorset Historic Churches

L-R  Barry de Morgan and Hilary Fildes church wardens, Bishop Graham Kings, Rev  Michael Foster and Tim Smith

Presentation of cheque to St Mary's Tarrant Hinton from Dorset Historic Churches Trust.  This will help fund essential conservation work of rare 16th Century Easter Sepulchre.

18 January 2015 - United Service

Bishop Graham spoke at 'Father's House@ Shaftesbury at the Shaftesbury United service for Christian Unity week Kings – Our Response To People Of Other Faiths. An audio link to the talk is HERE

24 December 2014 - Poem for Christmas

Bishop Graham has written the following poem, published on Fulcrum:

God plumbed the depths;
God used body language;
God used means to save mean people;
God came as a foreigner to earth for our benefit;
God crossed the widest cultural chasm in the cosmos;

Meaning became matter in a moment,
Matter became movement,
Meaning moved us.
Matter matters for God,
For the Ultimate became intimate.

17 December2014 - Christmas Message

Bishop Graham's Christmas Message in the Blackmore Vale Magazine can be seen here

13 December 2014

Bishop Graham took part in a Christian Aid fund raising event, by travelling down a zip wire from the end of Bournemouth Pier back to the beach.

zip wire

The Bishop met fellow zip-wirer James Cairns, who was a missionary surgeon for 38 years in Zambia.

zip with cairns 2

28 November 2014 -  Salisbury Cathedral

At the Darkness to Light service Bishop Graham met up with some old friends from St Mary's Islington, Beatrice Monney and Angela Otu .

Darkness to Light

3 November 2014 - Richard Hooker and Magna Carta

Richard Hooker debate

Bishop Graham took part in 'The Great Debate' in St Andrew's Church, Boscombe 
Commemorating Richard Hooker, the influential 16th Century Anglican priest and theologian, who was Rector in Boscombe for a time. To see his presentation click HERE 
This year the event looks forward to the forthcoming celebrations of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta in 2015, and Bishop Graham Kings, His Honour Judge Keith Cutler and former Salisbury MP Robert Key debated issues of justice from the perspectives of faith, law and politics.

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Bishops of Sherborne

The first Bishop of Sherborne was St Aldhelm, appointed in 705. For a full list of Bishops, click here.

The current Bishop is Dr Graham Kings, consecrated in 2009. For a biography, click here.

Westminster Abbey Consecration:
Times article by Bess Twiston-Davies
Sermon by Professor David Ford
Photos of the service

Bishop Graham writes regularly in the national press on a wide range of theological and Church issues.

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Robert Shuler
Assistant to the Bishop of Sherborne
Email: robert.shuler@salisbury.anglican.org
Mob: 07500 660455

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Rededication St Edwards School Poole - Bishop Graham with RC Bishop Mark O'Toole and with Head Boy and Head Girl and 6th form ambassador
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Rededication St Edwards School Poole - Bishop Graham with RC Bishop Mark O'Toole and with Head Boy and Head Girl and 6th form ambassador