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Everyone knows that pride comes before a fall, and that you’ll be at your wits’ end if you see that there is no rest for the wicked but few people realise that these phrases first appear in the King James Bible. Now Durham publisher Sacristy Press has put that right with The Writing on the Wall: Everyday Phrases from the King James Bible, by Richard Noble.


Dr Rowan Williams, Master of Magdelene College, College Cambridge and Former Archbishop of Canterbury delivered this lecture as part of Durham Castle Lecture Series on 18 February 2015, In the Great Hall of Durham Castle.


How should Christian men and women approach the General Election to be held on 7 May 2015? This letter from the Church of England’s House of Bishops is addressed to all members of the church.


The Bishop of Sherborne Dr Graham Kings is moving on after six years in the role. Dr Kings will be taking up the mantle of Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion. Read more:


In an interview at Lambeth Palace, Archbishop Justin Welby said that businesses had to consider how they used their powerful positions to support society.