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Blogs from the last 31 days


Stories of luck and survival to emerge from the Great War, they are among the most remarkable. Three British soldiers all cheated death when items in their pockets took bullets that should have killed them.


Headteacher at St Stephen's in Bath says haste in implementing Nick Clegg's flagship policy means new kitchen is not ready ... read more


Against the background of a considerable increase in safeguarding policy-related work at national level, our two churches have been discussing how this can best be resourced over the coming period. We remain committed to joint working on safeguarding across both our churches.


Sir Peter Hendy is wrestling with the wheel of a London bus as it chugs along remote winding lanes to his destination: a church with no congregation in a village without villagers. Imber.


Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant summarily executed up to 670 prisoners in Mosul, the United Nations said on Monday, the worst recorded massacre committed by the jihadist group


Our invasion of Iraq contributed to the current catastrophe, so simple restitution demands that we welcome refugees who make it here


The Church of England is joining calls to encourage its members to pray, act and give to those suffering in Iraq.


Archbishop Justin Welby and Archbishop Philip Freier made a joint statement on the crisis in northern Iraq during press conference in Melbourne, Australia yesterday.


See a video of an interview with Archbishop of Canterbury at Soul Survivor, about his role and why he thinks the gathering at Soul Survivor is so important.