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Blogs from the last 31 days


Rev Libby Lane says: ‘It is a remarkable thing that his happens to be me but this is about a moment in history’


As she prepares for her consecration, Libby Lane hopes her historic role will encourage others


An unofficial translation from Pope Francis' press conference on a flight from Sri Lanka to the Philippines, 14 January.


‘Entire cities’ being ‘cast aside’ in a nation where ‘rampant consumerism and individualism’ are the new religion, say Archbishops of Canterbury and York


To understand how to respond to the Charlie Hebdo atrocity, we only have to imagine what would happen if the situation was reversed


A £1.3m medieval chalice that was sold by a cash-strapped church in Wiltshire is to return to the county.


Archbishop Justin Welby condemns terrorist attack at the Paris offices of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo.