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Praying Together

by Gerry Lynch last modified 24 Oct, 2017 04:32 PM

A pattern for shared prayer as we renew our hope in our homes, schools, workplaces and churches during Lent each year

Updated Listing Praying Together 2018 is being planned and written. Watch this space for more.

Praying Together LogoAbout Praying Together

Bishop Nicholas asked people to join him in prayer during Lent 2017 using Praying Together, a framework for shared daily prayer for the season.

The project was greatly valued by thousands of people across the Diocese, around the country, and even internationally. We will be repeating the project for 2018.

Prayting Together follows a simple pattern which can be followed in a time as short five or ten minutes to as much as half an hour. It can be used by individuals or in groups - at home, in schools, workplaces or churches.

For each day in Lent, there is a very short Bible reading, reflection, prayer and suggested action.

Prayer changes us, especially when we pray together with others. There can be no renewal without prayer. Jesus said we should pray for what we want. It is the heartbeat of the Christian and the Christian Community.

Options include printed copies; electronic copiessigning up via email; signing up via the PrayerMate app; setting up your own prayer feed; and praying the Daily Office.

Printed copies

25,000 printed copies of the booklet were distributed to parishes and other organisations in 2017, and we are seeking funds to widen their distribution in 2018. Parishes will be sent copies automatically, but if you would like to receive additional copies, please contact 01722 411922 or . As well as that, daily prayer points can be received via e-mail and the PrayerMate app.

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Electronic copies

The PDF version of Praying Together 2017 is available here to download one. If you are printing copies of this, you can fit four pages onto one side of A4. Alternatively, if you need large print, there is a PDF with A4-sized pages here.

The 2018 version will be linked to here once available.

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Signing up via e-mail

You can sign up using this form, located at the bottom of this page, to receive the day's diocesan Cycle of Prayer points and Praying Together during Lent direct to your inbox at 5am every morning. Click here to visit the archive.

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Signing up via the PrayerMate app

Searching for PrayerMateStep 1: Download PrayerMate on to your Apple or Android device via the Apple AppStore, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore.

Step 2: Subscribe to both of our diocesan prayer feeds.

Our Cycle of Prayer is up and running in Beta version, so you will get daily prayer updates from the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer as soon as you sign up, and this will continue for the foreseeable future.

The Praying Together feed will be in operation only during Lent 2017, from Ash Wednesday (1 March) until Easter Day (16 April). If you sign up to it now, it will be ready to go on Ash Wednesday!

There are two ways to subscribe.


a.       Once you’ve opened the Prayer Mate App, tap the '+' button at the top of the home page to add a new prayer feed.

b.       Scroll down to the 'Ready-made content' section and tap 'Prayers for church life'.

PrayerMate Feed index

c.       Scroll down to 'Sub-categories' and tap 'UK Churches'.

d.       Scroll through the UK Churches Feeds, which are listed alphabetically. Tap 'Diocese of Salisbury Cycle of Prayer'. Next, tap 'Subscribe to this feed' and choose the list 'My Church'.

e.       Then go back to the UK Churches Feeds and tap 'Diocese of Salisbury Praying Together'. Again, select 'Diocese of Salisbury Cycle of Prayer', 'Subscribe to this feed' and 'My Church'.

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a.       Keep your phone or tablet handy. On a desktop computer or other second device, open this link which takes you to the page for Diocese of Salisbury Praying Together:

b.       In the PrayerMate app, tap the plus button to add a new prayer feed.

c.       Scroll down to the bottom and tap 'Subscribe using QR code'.

PrayerMate Subscribe Using QR Code

d.       With the camera on your phone or tablet, scan the visual QR code on your PC or second device.

QR Code

e.       Now repeat the process for the Diocese of Salisbury Cycle of Prayer feed by following this link on your PC or second device:


a.      Open the Prayer Mate app and tap on the list icon at the top of the page.

b.      Tap 'My Church', then tap the appropriate prayer feed.


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Setting up your own prayer feed

Once PrayerMate is installed, you could add a personal cycle of prayer for family and friends, or mission agencies and other organisations you support, from Tearfund to Mothers' Union to the Leprosy Mission.

You could also set up a prayer feed for your church, parish, benefice or school.

Find out more at

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Praying the Daily Office

The Daily Office is a form of prayer with some elements that are repeated daily, some that are common to a particular season, and some that vary from day to day. Every reading of the Daily Office has one or more readings from the Bible, some set prayers shared across the Church on that day, space to pray for our own intercessions and time to simply to be still in the presence of God.

The Daily Office is the common prayer of the Church of England, a living part of a tradition of morning and evening prayer that stretches back to the earliest days of the Church and, through the psalms, before that to the Temple at Jerusalem. This was the root from which the monastic tradition of prayer sprung, and that in turn was given a distinctively Anglican form by Cranmer in the Book of Common Prayer.

The core of the Daily Office is Morning and Evening Prayer, which priests promise to say faithfully at their ordination, and can be expanded with Midday Prayer and Night Prayer (often known as Compline).

The Church of England has brought this tradition into the 21st Century with the popular Church of England Daily Prayer app and website, which contains Morning, Evening and Night Prayer with all correct readings in collects according to both Common Worship and the Book of Common Prayer. It can be accessed at

The same site also has the form for midday prayer.

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