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New Altar at Semley School
New Altar at Semley School

What We Believe

by Helen Clemow last modified 12 Dec, 2017 04:47 PM

Christianity and Anglicans

Christians are followers of Jesus Christ. They believe that God has been fully revealed to the world in him, his life and his death. They believe that God’s raising him from the dead is a sign of hope and forgiveness for all.  And they believe he is the living Head of the Church who prays ceaselessly for all its people.

Christianity is the faith of Christians. It is their lived and living relationship with God, which they are brought into by their Baptism into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, to whom the Bible points and bears witness.

Anglican Christians are Christians whose bishop is under the leadership of the ancient See of Canterbury and its Archbishop. They constitute a worldwide denomination with its historic roots in England.

For further information about our faith, practices and beliefs, visit the Church of England's official website.

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