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To keep your church's giving healthy, it’s a good idea to ensure that there are several ways for your church members to give, including online giving and mobile giving. Don't be put off if you don't have an internet connection or a smartphone, there are new solutions that can help you get round these issues.

The right technology can increase donations by making giving easier. All Saints Church in Enford found that contactless donations were quickly overtaking cash donations in their collection baskets. Other churches are receiving donations from visitors and tourists, at coffee mornings, fetes, fairs, as well as from those celebrating weddings and baptisms.

Online and contactless giving are just ways to increase giving. Investing in these new methods now will help your church grow into the future.

Ways to encourage digital giving

Some want to be digital natives, some want to show how high-tech they are, and some simply want to increase the amount of money coming into the church. But for all these reasons, you don’t need a website or any technical knowledge to start accepting online donations. 
You can add a PayPal button on your Facebook page and start accepting donations there.
Another way is to put QR codes on posters and leaflets around your church or event location and let people donate with their mobile phones by simply scanning the QR code.
Digital Giving Resources

There are lots of resources available from the Church of England Giving Team. 

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