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Aldhelm Certificate- Thinking of coming along?

by Adrian Smale last modified 19 Dec, 2018 12:29 PM

 Thinking of coming along? - what’s involved

 You’ll be journeying with others on the course, reflecting together on some of the fundamental questions that we face as Christian disciples. Each term consists of 10 sessions and there is flexibility in how these can be covered.  You can come along to all or any of the three terms at a cost of £15.00 per term which includes your course books. If you have attended all three and wish to receive the Certificate we just ask for a short piece of writing reflecting on what you have learnt.  

The course is made up of three terms:


Aldhelm Term 1Aldhelm Term 2Aldhelm Term 3

Faith in Christ

Christ in our World
The Jesus of St. Mark’s Gospel
The Jesus of St. Luke’s Gospel
The Jesus of St. Matthew’s Gospel
The Jesus of St. John’s Gospel
What can we know about Jesus from non-Christian Sources?
The Christ of faith in St. Paul’s writings
What does it mean to say Jesus died for us?


Faith in a scientific world

The Glory of God’s Creation-An Introduction to Term 2
Preparation for session 2
The Scientific Method
The Night Sky
Physical Science in the 21st Century
The Laws of Nature and the Belief in Revelation
The Philosophical Debate surrounding Faith and Proof
Genesis 1-3 : the Biblical stories of Creation
The Challenge of Charles Darwin
Understanding the challenge - the Challenge of Dawkins  & Natural/Biological Science
Science in Practice – Modern Medicine and Nanotechnology


 Faith at work

Introduction: The Big Picture - We are all Economists now
Faith & Work:  Psychotherapy
Faith & Blue Sky Thinking
Prosperity with a Purpose
Faith inside and out
Finding God at work
Faith in the Future:Church and education
Faith on the Edge: A life in Army Chaplaincy
Faith in Retirement
In praise of Virtue Revd

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