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  • Giving - Parish Giving Scheme

    Giving - Parish Giving Scheme

    Webinar - via Zoom
    Places available
    Thursday, 23 July 2020, 2:00pm
  • The Four Marys

    The Four Marys

    This conversational one-day course series will re-read selected sacred texts in detail and consider the ways they have been interpreted, both in the written word and in art, and on their relevance and meaning to us today.
    Places available
    Saturday, 5 September 2020, 10:00am
  • Archdeaconry Day - Sherborne 2020

    Archdeaconry Day - Sherborne 2020

    Places available
    Thursday, 10 September 2020, 12:00am

This Time Tomorrow

by Adrian Smale last modified 22 Aug, 2018 03:14 PM

A simple idea for making stronger connections between Sunday worship and our lives as followers of Jesus the rest of the week.

See below for details; download the graphic here


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