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Fresh Expressions

by handrew last modified 12 Sep, 2016 01:54 PM

A fresh expression of church is set up primarily to engage with people who have never been to church. It has the potential to become a mature church in its own right, rather than being a bridge project back into other churches. Fresh expressions aim to be sensitive to the context of the people they aim to reach.

The Fresh Expressions website has a wealth of information, training opportunities and stories about creative ways of being church.

The MSM Course is a year-long, part-time training programme equipping participants for ministry in fresh expressions of church. Click here to find your nearest course. Alternatively, Fresh Expressions is piloting a on-line version of the course. Click here for further details. 

Three-Minute Guides from Fresh Expressions

Need it in a nutshell? Look no further.

Download a Three-minute Guide below:

 Three-minute Guide 1- What are Fresh Expressions of Church? 
 Three-minute Guide 2- Five Reasons to Start a Fresh Expression of Church 
 Three-minute Guide 3- How to Start a Fresh Expression of Church 
 Three-minute Guide 4- How to Start Making Disciples 
 Three-minute Guide 5- How to Grow Mature Disciples 
 Three-minute Guide 6- Reproducing Your Fresh Expression of Church 
 Three-minute Guide 7- How to Measure Fruitfulness 


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