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M4M offers courses to help equip you and your team for mission in the Diocese of Salisbury.


Breakfast@9 Hub Conference

NEW SPEAKER John Good, plus Chris Tebbutt and Sharon Cooksley
NEW START TIME: 9.30am-3pm, 4 March, Canford Magna Centre, BH21 3AF. Book here
People are hungry, in more ways than one.
The Breakfast Church Hub was set up a couple of years ago and since then the number of Breakfast Cafe Churches has increased across the diocese. Combining tasty breakfast, fresh coffee, a delving into the Bible and faith, Breakfast Church has proved to be a great, and increasingly popular, way of drawing people together.
Whether you are harbouring thoughts of setting up this Fresh Expression of Church, have recently set one up, have experience to share, or think you could adapt a similar format in your context, we would love to see you for this day – which will of course include breakfast! 
We are excited to have John Good joining as guest speaker on the day. John Good was associate pastor at Stopsley Baptist Church in Luton who have been experimenting with Missional community for almost a decade. John`s role was to teach a theology and context for mission, equip volunteer leaders to begin and nurture new communities and to strengthen an emerging network of different expressions of church. John passionately believes that God is already working through the different spheres and sections of our society and like in the story of Jacob, wants to help people wake up and say “surely God was in this place and I, I was not aware of it.” John has now recently moved from Luton to Poole to begin listening to God in the area of Hamworthy. Chris Tebbutt and Sharon Cooksley, who have pioneered Breakfast@9 in Canford, will also share experiences and new developments.
Bring yourself, some lunch and an open mind.
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Building a Culture of Invitation

Michael Harvey
10am-1pm, 2 April, Winterbourne Glebe Hall, SP4 6HA. Book here
The Culture of Invitation workshop is for churches and individuals who want to get better at becoming invitational. Most churches call themselves welcoming, but not many would name themselves as welcoming and inviting.
Join us for this workshop, which will:
a) Be an opportunity to research your own local situation and make a comparison with other churches.
b) Be highly suited to churches who want an example of a practical outworking of how to reach people in their community.
You will leave with best practice ideas to try out immediately in your own parish which will benefit your upcoming Services and Events!
Michael Harvey is married to Eike and they have three adult children Ben, Kirsty and Lydia. In 2004 Back to Church Sunday was birthed and Michael started to work with churches throughout the UK and eventually throughout the English speaking world and to his surprise started to notice a healing component in mission. He has spoken to thousands of church leaders in his Seminars and has to date seen hundreds of thousands of Christians mobilised to invite, resulting in 1 million+ accepted invitations. He launched the first National Weekend of Invitation in June 2018. He is author of the books Unlocking the Growth and Creating a Culture of Invitation and as an itinerant speaker and has a ministry across 18 countries and 5 continents. He is a member of the College of Evangelists.
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Mission and Ministry to Young People

Lizzie Whitbread
1-4pm, 1 May, St Aldhelm’s Church Centre, Weymouth, DT3 5EW. Book here
10am-1pm, May 8th, Easton Royal Village Hall, SN9 5LS. Book here
If you are reading this and thinking “oh, that course is just for Youth Workers” please keep reading, because this is NOT a course just for Youth Workers. Whatever your level experience, you are invited to join Lizzie Whitbread, the Salisbury Diocesan Adviser for Work with Children and Young People, as she delves into the why and how of meeting young people where they are and helping them to explore and develop faith. This is a chance to explore how you can embed children and young people in the mission and ministry of your Christian community.
We will look at how drawing on Christian traditions may help or hinder your work with young people and consider some of the latest thinking about faith formation in young people.
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Telling your Story as a Means of Outreach

Hilary Bond
10am-1pm, 18 June, The Michael Herbert Hall, Wilton, SP2 0JS. Book here
Stories are powerful and we love them! We watch them on TV, listen to them on the radio, read them in books, and even create and tell them on social media or over a coffee with friends.
Jesus understood the power of a good story. He came from a tradition that greatly valued storytelling, and he used them to great effect.
Join storyteller extraordinaire Hilary Bond, Assistant Curate for Lytchetts and Upton, for this morning which will be about different ways of telling stories; bible stories, other stories that convey biblical truth; and the story that many of us want to share but often find hard to do - our own story.
We will try out our skills on one another, and hopefully learn some new ones. It will be fun - come and see.
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Pioneering for Ordinary People

Alison Bridewell, Jo King, Michael Partridge
10am-1pm, 16 July, Riverside House (Alabaré Christian Care), SP2 7UD. Book here
When you hear the word Pioneering does the thought “I could never do that, I’m just an ordinary person!” pop into mind?
If so this is the course for you.
For many people the very concept of ‘pioneering’ is an intimidating one. As is the word ‘mission’. In many cases far too many people rule themselves out as insignificant, unable or unqualified, believing that Pioneer is a title for very special, extraordinary people. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Come and join the discussion of how you can take a simple skill or passion and create a platform for reaching out to your community. You might be surprised at how much it isn’t rocket-science!
We will be expertly led by The Reverend Alison Bridewell, Rector of Wellsprings Benefice, Jo King, Lay Worship Leader of Salisbury St Mark and Laverstock St Andrew and Executive and Volunteer Manager for Alabaré Christian Care & Support and Mike Partridge, Trustee of Rise 61 and Change Coach.
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The Missionary Work of a Chaplain

Bishop Karen and guest Chaplains
10am-1pm, 25 September, Durweston Village Hall, DT11 0QA. Book here
Join the Right Reverend Karen Gorham, Bishop of Sherborne and a number of Chaplains from various contexts as we explore the Missionary work of a Chaplain. Together we will explore faith sharing, handling spiritual conversations, being a Christian presence in a secular institution and what being a bridge between church and community can look like.
Whether you are already a Chaplain, exploring it as a potential vocation, involved in a similar context or keen to learn from transferable good practice, whatever your situation, we would love to see you there.
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Pray + Serve = Grow?

Canon Dr Jill Hopkinson, Tutor in Rural Ministry at Sarum College, Lindy Cameron, Licensed Lay Pioneer Minister of Swanage and Studland, Revd Dr John Rennie, Lay Training Tutor for Sherborne and former Deanery Missioner, Revd Canon Gerald Osborne, Rural Dean of Pewsey and Associate Priest of The Vale of Pewsey
10am-3pm, 23 October, Salisbury Methodist Church, SP1 1EF. Book here
Pray + Serve = Grow. A simple equation. Done, box ticked.
Or is it?
We are “praying” and “serving” so surely we are growing, personally, corporately and numerically, correct?
Or are we?
Is there perhaps a bit more to this than we think?
Whatever your experience, and whatever your context, join John Rennie, Lindy Cameron, Gerald Osborne and Jill Hopkinson as we dive into unpacking this hugely significant topic and explore questions such as;
How do we move from social to missional? And what is the difference?
What about timing? With the seeming demand for the immediate, are we ultimately missing out through impatience?
What do we mean by growth? What about the word mission? What do we mean when we use the word?
How do we make prayer central to all we do?
If we ‘serve’ without a missional thrust is it like watching a film with the sound turned off? Is it not incomplete? Likewise if we watch a film with the visual turned off – it does not make sense.
Maybe we need to consider watching the film as it was intended – sound and visual working together to draw us into the story.
Come, bring your voice to the discussion so that we can see and hear for ourselves!
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Who is Missing?

The Team at St Mary’s Longfleet
10am-1pm, 19 November, St Mary’s Church Longfleet, BH15 2JD Book here
Everyone loves Where’s Wally. The popular books contain pages filled with activity and the famous red and white striped character hidden somewhere in the midst, waiting to be found. But unless you know who you are looking for, it’s just a lot of activity on a page - you would not know if Wally was missing and ultimately you would miss the whole point.
Could there be a similar issue in your Church? Do you ever look at your Church Community and ask yourself, who is missing? Could it be that in all the ‘activity’ we fail to see the missing people from our surrounding community and because we don’t know who or where to look we miss an opportunity to join in the mission of God?
On the other hand, perhaps it is glaringly obvious, and you are all too aware of a missing generation or missing demographic within your Church Community.
Whatever your situation, come along and join the team from St Mary’s Church in Longfleet, to explore how we identify and reach those who are missing in the Church.
This morning will be a fantastic opportunity to assess our own Church Cultures and look at ways we may inadvertently keep people at bay, as well as explore what it looks like to live out authentic faith in community.
We’d love to see you there – we don’t want you to be missing from this conversation!
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