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Rural Development Programme

by glynch — last modified 30 Jan, 2018 05:35 PM
Programmes for ordained and lay rural church leaders committed to moving to or accelerating their church growth

A four-year development programme funded by Rural Hope will support ordained and lay rural church leaders, in groups and as individuals as they lead their churches into growth, through local topic-based training and mentoring, seed-corn funding for mission projects and support from new local mission posts. These include two major programmes, with a solid track record of helping rural churches grow: Thrive and LYCIG (Leading Your Church Into Growth).


Each year, more and more churches become part of multi-parish benefices. CPAS is working with dioceses to develop leaders of these parishes in a number of different ways, recognising that the skills needed to lead multiple healthy, growing churches can differ greatly from those needed in a single-church setting.

Thrive Multi Parish Benefice Learning Communities bring together lay and ordained leaders in groups of 5–7 from each of several multi-parish benefices in the diocese. They meet five times over two years and are an opportunity for groups of leaders to step back, reflect, learn,share ideas and then take action.

For more information about Thrive go here.

To express your interest in joining a Thrive Learning Community contact Jane Charman on 01722 411944 or .

LYCIG - Leading Your Church Into Growth

For almost 25 years LYCIG (Leading Your Church Into Growth) has been serving the local church across the country with a vision to encourage and equip churches to grow both numerically and spiritually. LYCIG serves all kinds of churches, Catholic or Charismatic,Evangelical or Liberal, Rural or Urban, Big or Small.

It has a strong track record of success. Go to to find out more about:

  • The Residential Event flagship annual national gathering
  • The Local Course equipping and empowering local churches
  • The Start Course for those new to the Christian faith
  • The Moving On Course for those taking the next step into their journey of faith

The Diocese of Salisbury is able to offer some clergy and their leadership teams the opportunity to attend the annual LYCIG Residential event or if there is enough interest LYCIG will run a residential event for the diocese in either 2018 or 2019.

To express your interest in attending a LYCIG Residential contact Jane Charman on 01722 411944 or .

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