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Spiritual Accompaniment

by Helen Clemow last modified 29 Aug, 2018 12:50 PM

A relationship between an individual and their accompanier, which aims to discern how God is at work in the whole of life.




Upcoming Course

Sexuality, Gender Identity & Spirituality: A Workshop for those engaged in the Ministry of Spiritual Accompaniment

Led by: Christina (Tina) Beardsley & Chris Dowd

Sexuality and gender have preoccupied the Church of England for half a century, but resolution remains elusive and the conversation institutional. Sexuality and gender are about people, and the link between sexuality, gender and spirituality, often noted in the literature, can be overlooked in spiritual accompaniment, either through lack of knowledge, or uncertainty when someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity seems unlike one’s own.

This workshop aims to develop understanding about the place of sexuality and gender identity in the spiritual journey, and to enable Spiritual Accompaniers to respond positively, and walk with integrity, with those whose gender identity or sexual orientation is outside their experience.

 With space for personal reflection and discussion of the agreed focus of the day, the morning session will be the Sibyls’ ‘Gender, Sexuality & Spirituality’ Workshop. Designed to explore disjunctions and interplay between these three domains, it has been offered in many settings, and is a day course in the York spiritual directors’ training programme.

 Using literature and the arts, the afternoon will begin with small group workshops around topics like ‘intimacy’, ‘eros and agape’, ‘ecstasy’, ‘pain and pleasure’, ‘infatuation & the divine’. The day will end with generous plenary time to reflect on its application and relevance to people’s ministry and practice as Accompaniers.

 Tina has been a parish priest & healthcare chaplain. She writes and lectures on spirituality and gender, and campaigns for the full inclusion of trans people in the Church.

Chris is a United Reformed Church minister. He writes on spirituality and gender and has a busy life looking after four churches in the East Riding of Yorkshire.


Courses are available at Sarum College in Salisbury.

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 Spiritual Accompaniment Advisers

Jean and Helier co-ordinate the training and resourcing of spiritual accompaniers across our diocese, advise, and help ministers sustain their spiritual life. Jean's bio is here; Helier's is here.

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