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Monday, 23 May 2016

BBC Wiltshire Radio's Sue Davies visits Urchfont

by Michael Ford last modified 23 May, 2016 02:09 PM

with Stert Mothers’ Union, 17 May 2016.

Once a year, Urchfont with Stert Mothers’ Union host a lunch party for invited guests from their local community. This year their guest speaker was Sue Davies of BBC Wiltshire.

When Sue isn’t busy bringing local news stories into our homes, she is out and about interviewing for her next programme. Sue described to a fascinated audience, how she put together a pre-recorded broadcast about the French Market in Devizes. Using background music, French dialogue and interviews with stall holders and organisers, Sue explained how she reduced 20 minutes of recordings into 3 minutes of broadcast, demonstrating all the skills and techniques required of a professional broadcaster.

Just to show that all this interviewing and broadcasting is not for the faint- hearted, Sue invited one of the members to read the news. The bulletin would be 3 minutes long and would include 5 news stories, 2 sport reports and conclude with a short or long weather report, depending on remaining time. The clock started to tick – talk about pressure! Well, our brave volunteer managed the news bulletins as well as 1 sport report but I’m not sure what happened to the weather – yes, there was some that day!

If all this excitement wasn’t enough, Sue entertained us with a Wiltshire place name competition and provided the winners with some excellent prizes. What a charming and interesting lady - I think we all came away from the meeting full of admiration for Sue and with so much more knowledge of what it takes to be a broadcaster.

Congratulations to Urchfont with Stert MU Branch for not only providing a delicious lunch but also for organising such an interesting afternoon. Sue, we shall all be tuning into your broadcasts from now on!


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