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Churches Open for All

by Michael Ford last modified 23 Jul, 2021 09:12 AM

Many people have difficulties participating fully in church life as a result of barriers that could often be resolved following good advice and reflection.

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 Barrier-free belonging

An updated Church of England resource page here.

A Church for Everyone: Listening to Disabled People

How often do we listen to disabled people and ask them what they appreciate, what they find difficult and what would be helpful to them when they go to church?
As part of the Anglican Dorchester Deanery Mission Plan, a small working group did just that. The newly published booklet, ‘A Church for Everyone: Listening to Disabled People’ includes their views. It is for all church members but is particularly relevant for church leaders.
View it here

BSL Daily Devotions

A new website hosts daily devotions for people who are deaf and who use British Sign Language. Click here to have a look, or click here to contact our Minister

About this page

The term ‘people with disabilities’ is intended to cover a wide range of difficulties that people may have and some of those difficulties are both obvious and quite easy to deal with.

  • A change of print font may make it easier for some people to read our texts.
  • A handy desk-lamp may provide that extra bit of illumination that someone with limited vision would appreciate.
  • Full use of the t-loop system in the church will enable many people with hearing aids to enjoy the sounds of our worship.

Lots of good advice is available for churches. Through the Roof is one organisation that has lots of experience in working with churches on these issues and their website can be visited here.

Parish audits

Many parishes will benefit from undertaking an audit of their accessibility and welcome.

Contact the Social Justice Manager, Colin Brady, for advice:

Chaplain to the Deaf Community

Many deaf people regard themselves as being members of a distinct language group rather than as being disabled. Neil offers advice on including deaf people in the full life of their parishes. More here. Download his calling card here.


Chaplain to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing's Calling Card

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