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Rural and Agricultural Issues

by Michael Ford last modified 05 Aug, 2021 01:23 PM

Many of the people in the Diocese live in rural communities. Church life and ministry in rural areas has its own gifts, opportunities, and difficulties.

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Rural Officers 


The ARC (Arthur Rank Centre) urges us to pray and support dairy farmers.

ARC prayer for those wanting to support British farmers:

Loving God, we give you thanks for all the food that is produced for us by farmers every day. We thank you especially for milk, a vital food, which we don't always fully appreciate. We pray for dairy farmers and the particular pressures that they face at this present time. We remember farmers under pressure because of low prices and late milk payments, may they know the peace of your presence. May we consumers never take our food for granted and may we value and support those who work tirelessly to feed us.
This we ask in Jesus name, Amen.

Rural Officers

Rural ministry is different from ministry in suburban and urban communities. It requires some understanding of how rural communities work, how people make a living in rural areas, and how many others appreciate the rural landscape as a place for recreation.

Rural Officers are available to support local parishes and ministers as they engage in mission and ministry in our rural areas. Training opportunities are provided for clergy who are new to rural ministry. Worship materials are made available for harvest festivals and Rogation Sundays and other celebrations of agricultural life. 

In times of crisis, as for example during outbreaks of bird-flu and foot and mouth disease, the rural officers will ensure that churches across the Diocese receive appropriate advice.

Rural Officers work closely with other organisations involved in rural and agricultural issues including Farm Community Network, which supports farming people in times of difficulty, the ARC-Addington Fund which offers housing for farmers who have to leave their farms and cannot find anywhere suitable to live, agricultural training institutions like Kingston Maurward College, agricultural show committees, and farmers’ organisations.


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