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Deanery Links

by Anne Powell last modified 27 Jun, 2022 02:33 PM
The Salisbury Sudan link has flourished for over 45 years at Diocese-to-Province level, but early on it was suggested that the partnership could also work at a more local level, between deaneries in Salisbury Diocese and individual Dioceses in the Sudans.

Deanery Links Strip

At that time there were comparable numbers of deaneries and dioceses, so a “match” seemed quite feasible.

Photos show left to right:

Chalke- Cueibet: 40 bicycles provided for clergy and church workers by Chalke Deanery;  

Poole-Wau: Diocesan guest house with six en-suite rooms and water supply, funded by Poole Deanery;

Heytesbury-Maridi:  Heytesbury delegate meeting sponsored students of Chaima Christian Institute

As with the Diocese-Province level, the basis of the partnership is always a friendship link, in which mutual prayer is recognised as the first step; relationships develop, usually at first through electronic communication, then wherever possible by visits. The developing shared interest very often leads to the deanery befriending or adopting a school or other project in the Sudanese or South Sudanese Diocese and raising funds for it – but always by mutual agreement and within a spirit of partnership and sharing. Often close friendships are formed, especially with the Bishop. Deanery interests include support for a primary school or a theological college, tree-planting, corn grinding, bicycles for clergy, extending a clinic, and supporting single events such as a conference or training seminar.

Currently 14 of our 19 deaneries have links with a diocese – some very well established, some just developing the relationship. Bradford Deanery is linked with Kadugli in Sudan, and Calne with Khartoum; other links are all in South Sudan. Three more deaneries have a possible link under discussion. Some deaneries also work alongside small charities based within the deanery, e.g., CRESS (working with Liwolo, Kajo-Keji and other South Sudanese Diocese refugees), Projects Delivering Hope (also working in Kajo-Keji) and St Timothy Foundation (working with Nzara). A few enthusiastic individuals can achieve a great deal!

If you are based in the Diocese, there is probably an active link near you – please enquire from your Rural Dean.



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