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Medical Link

by Michael Ford last modified 28 Aug, 2018 04:44 PM

Find out how your donations help us fund health related initiatives in Sudan & South Sudan...

The Medical Link was set up in 1983 by Bishop John & Jill Baker as an offshoot to the Sudan Link.

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What do we do?

Medical training

  • We fund the training of clinical officers, nurses, midwives and other clinical staff to provide high quality care.
  • medical linkWe work with the bishops of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Sudan providing funding for services to dioceses ravaged by years of civil war.




inspecting the latest arrival of drugs

  • We purchase and distribute primary health care kits (basic medicines) to ECSSS and some other NGO clinics.

Where does the money come from?

  We are entirely dependent on 

  • the support of the communities in the Diocese of Salisbury
  • collections from Parishes, individuals and services presided over by visiting bishops.
  • proceeds from special events, such as slide shows, coffee mornings and lunch clubs
  • generous support from a special summer garden fete at the Bishop of Salisbury's residence
The approximate annual income is £50,000

How do we know it’s being wisely spent?

  • By paying money directly to the pharmaceutical wholesalers and training centres; every pound can be tracked to its destination.
  • By supervising the medicine deliveries.
  • By visiting the clinics and training schools we support.
  • Weekly contact with the diocesan bishops via email.

Statement on the international fraud targeted at Mary Help College, Wau.

Who makes it happen?

  • You the giver;
  • In the UK, Mike Maclachlan works as administrator, with Dr Robin Saddler and Dr Sandi Malpas as medical advisors. They are accountable to a sub-committee of the Sudan Link Committee.
  • Training centres in South Sudan, located in Rumbek, Wau, Maridi and Kajo-Keji 
  • South Sudanese health care staff in Primary Care Centres and the more basic units scattered around the dioceses
  • We are planning to use local South Sudanese pharmaceutical wholesalers, rather than importing from neighbouring countries as in the past - more cost effective.

What’s going on at the moment?

  • Partnership with the Anglican Board of Mission of Australia and Episcopal Relief and Development of the US.
  • Increasing co-operation with other health non-governmental agencies and charities.
  • There is an increasing need for training of midwives as South Sudan has the world's worst maternal death rate.
  • We plan to build a regularly updated template of training needs, disease prevalence, medicine usage, infrastructure and equipment needs in each of the clinics we support, in order to better inform our provision.

What's the impact?

 medical help

  • Medical workers trained by us prescribe and dispense basic medicines supplied by Salisbury and others to treat and cure infections including malaria, and disabling and chronic conditions where no other facilities exist.  
  • Reaching out to the most vulnerable members of the community - children - so they can survive to inherit their land.
  • Once trained, our community midwives will reduce the maternal mortality rate, currently amount the highest in the world.
  • The growing awareness that someone from a long way away cares for disadvantaged communities in remote regions.

What can you do?

  • Both as individuals and as parishes, pray for our work and learn more about South Sudan and pray for its people
  • Contribute financially to SDBF - Medical Link
  • Please remember to Gift Aid your contributions
  • Consider supporting your parish in being linked to an area in South Sudan  We are entirely dependent on the support of the communities in the Diocese of Salisbury
  • If visiting South Sudan please download a copy of the Health Facility Questionnaire; if you visit a health facility during your time there please gather as much information as possible.

Approximate Costs:

Clinical Officer Training - £8,000 - £10,000 (3 years)
Midwife Training - £5,500 (2.5 years)
Nurse Training - £7,000 (3 years)
Lab Technician Training - £2,500 (2 years)
One course of paediatric anti-malarials - 80p
One course of paediatric antibiotics - 50p
Microscope - £600

Please consider giving a regular gift through a standing order.  Click here to download the forms.

Sudan Secretary:, 01722 411922;
Medical Link: Mike Maclachlan -

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