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Medical Link

by Michael Ford last modified 19 Feb, 2022 12:15 PM

Stonehenge Marathon Walk 21 May 22 to raise money for Sudan Medical Link. 26 mile distance: £29 registration fee with a minimum of £120 fundraising. 13 mile distance: £29 registration fee with a minimum of £100 fundraising. To book your place on the walk please use the relevant links below:

Book Full 26 miles - Click here

Book Half 13 miles - Click here

Read below what the money raised can do.

Midwife and mothers

What do we do?

We fund the training of clinical officers, nurses, midwives and other staff to provide high quality care.  There is an urgent need for midwifery training in South Sudan, which has the world's worst maternal death rate as well a high infant mortality.  

We purchase and distribute primary health care kits (basic medicines) to clinics run by the  ECSSS and some other NGOs.  These kits contain basic medicines such as antibiotics, antimalarials and painkillers that often save lives as well as treating painful and crippling conditions.  This equips the clinics' trained staff to do their vital work. See below how many people can be helped for relatively little cost.

We work with leaders of the Episcopal Churches of South Sudan & Sudan to provide funding for health services to dioceses ravaged by years of civil war.  In both countries people may have to travel a long way to reach scarce health facilities.  

Clinic receives medication

  How do we ensure donations are wisely spent?
  • We pay money directly to local pharmaceutical wholesalers and training centres so every pound can be tracked to its destination.  
  • We supervise the medicine deliveries and ensure medicines are issued by suitably-qualified clinical staff.  Photos show a delivery being checked in at Nzara.
  • We visit the clinics and training schools we support.

What's the impact?

medical help

  • Medical workers trained by us prescribe and dispense basic medicines supplied by us and others to treat and cure infections including malaria, and disabling and chronic conditions where no other facilities exist.  
  • Once trained, our community midwives will reduce the maternal mortality rate, currently amount the highest in the world.
  • Reaching out to the most vulnerable in the community - children - so they can survive to inherit their land.

What can you do?

  • As individuals and as parishes, pray for our work,  learn more about the Sudans and pray for their people
  • Contribute financially to SDBF - Medical Link - click here
  • Consider  your parish being linked to an area in South Sudan  We are entirely dependent on the support of communities in the Diocese of Salisbury
  • If visiting South Sudan please download a copy of the Health Facility Questionnaire; if you visit a health facility during your time there please gather as much information as possible.

 Approximate Costs:

Paracetamol to control temperature of children with malaria. 100 bottles: £20.00
Antibiotic syrup for children with pneumonia.  100 bottles: £35.00
Antimalarials for adults. 100 courses: £80.00
Antimalarials for children. 100 courses: £100.00.  
Clinical, nursing and midwifery students:  £2,200 per year


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