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The Sudan Link has the pleasure of receiving and sharing newsletters from various Sudanese & South Sudanese partners. See listings below for the latest copies.

Sudans Link Bulletin

The latest copies can be found here.

AFRECS (American Friends of the Episcopal Church of the Sudans)

Connections Newsletter is produced weekly.
Click here to download the latest from the AFRECS website. 

Under Tree Schools

Revd Joseph and Karin Ayok-Loewenberg provide regular newsletters.
Click here to download news from the Under Tree Schools website.

Bishop Gwynne College, Juba

Keep up to date via their website, here.

Deanery of Bradford

The Bradford Deanery has produced a newsletter which can be found here.

Diocese of Cueibet / Chalke Deanery Newsletter

The latest newsletter can be found here. 

Diocese of Kadugli Newsletter

Copies of Tabaldi - the Diocese of Kadugli newsletter - can be read here.

Diocese of Kajo-Keji Newsletter

Copies of the Voice of Hope - The Diocese of Kajo-Keji newsletter - can be found here.

Diocese of Wau Newsletter

Copies of Renewal - the Diocese of Wau newsletter - can be read here.

Juba Diocese Model Secondary School 

Newsletters are available here. 

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