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Robbery at Juba Diocesan Model Secondary School

by Sudan Link admin last modified 23 Jun, 2011 11:52 PM

Rebecca Coleman, International Coordinator in the Office of the Archbishop in the Province of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan reports a distressing development in Juba.

Dear partners and friends,

I write with great sadness about an incident that took place on the compound of Juba Diocesan Model Secondary School. In the early hours of this morning (23 June 2011) a group of armed thieves broke into the secondary school. They tied up and gagged the watchman and administered a sharp blow with a panga/machete to the back of his head, leaving him for dead. Then they proceeded to steal computers, cameras and all the electrical equipment they could find. They turned the safe upside down and shot it open stealing all the school's money. Then then ran away.

The Headmaster, Philip Gasim Logun, was visibly shaken and upset. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he tries to lead his school and instill the confidence in his staff and students lost after this terrible attack .

It is now of the utmost importance to construct a more permanent fence, ideally a concrete wall to stop such incidents from happening again. This incident shows that the nature of criminal activity has grown more sinister in Juba, particularly if individuals are willing to steal from a secondary school. It is a miracle that the watchman, Lawrence Orbele, survived as I have received more information that he was attacked by 6 men not 2, and cut at his forehead and arm with a machete.

Headmaster Philip Gasim is hoping to move on from this disaster. His plan is to purchase a block maker, cement, sand and other necessary materials, then to mobilise his students to make their own bricks. They are urgently looking for funds to make this happen as soon as possible so please do support generously if you can. Contact Rev Moses Kose, the Juba Diocesan Secretary or Headmaster Philip Gasim ( directly, if you would like to donate money or materials.

Click the links below to see images from the school 

The spot where Watchman Lawrence was tied up and left for dead

Headmaster Philip surveying the destruction to his office

The Broken Door Handle

What is left of the safe

Where the robbers broke in

Please pray for the watchman and the staff and students of the school who are still reeling from this terrible incident.


Her Majesty's Ambassador, Dr Rosalind Marsden's speech at the Juba Secondary School

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