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Home News A big step and a striking difference

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A big step and a striking difference

by Michael Ford last modified 18 Dec, 2020 08:58 PM

Our recent article on electric vehicles (EVs) continues to stir interest and attract comment.

A big step and a striking difference

Original photo courtesy Pxfuel

(read it here)

Pimperne's Richard Ashwell says:

"This is an area of interest I have been fascinated in for years and I am so pleased at last to see that this green means of transport is coming to fruition.

"We are fortunate to now own an electric car and I would concur with the comments of IT and Admin support officer Adrian Smale. From a technical point of view the benefits are many. Apart from the frequently mentioned:

  • The use of regenerative braking in electric cars means when you slow down by taking your foot off the accelerator, the kinetic energy of the car is transferred into electrical energy which is returned to the battery. As a result you rarely use the brake pedal with careful driving.
  • EV’s have a large battery which is in the floor of the car and this large lower weight distribution results in the car feeling extremely sure footed and stable when driving, particularly in the wet.
  • An electric motor which is extremely efficient at converting electric energy into mechanical energy with instant torque is the most important difference compared to an internal combustion engine which requires revving up. This results in striking acceleration if needed. If you talk to those who have owned an EV, I have not met anyone who would return to an internal combustion engine.
  • We do not drive many miles annually and recharge using a standard 13A extension lead. I have recently changed to an extremely novel electricity tariff offered by SSE whereby free electricity is available to those who have an EV (tariff 2). I have yet to receive the paperwork, but this offers 2000kW free pa as long as you have a smart meter and this is available from midnight-7.00am daily. There is also a small reduction in the daily tariff.

"To go electric was a big step and our decision to do this has been aided by my frequent discussions with the Revd Stephen Coulter, now retired, who has been a great source of encouragement. I was Churchwarden at Pimperne with Stephen and this was an incredibly creative and productive time.

"The London study of pollution in the Guardian is worrying. We have moved to a town setting from the country to be closer to amenities and have been disappointed to discover a residue of dark film on the inside of the window frames. This is clearly pollution from diesel cars, lorries and buses. I am reminded here of the damaging hidden particulates which are part of the diesel combustion process, and their impact on our lungs and hearts.

"I have been trying to establish how we may obtain some independent scientific confirmation of the pollution level which clearly varies.

"This is a great time when we can all contribute to the reduction in greenhouse emissions and pollution by careful thought and planning."

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