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A Church for Everyone

by Michael Ford last modified 17 Aug, 2018 04:20 PM

A working group from churches near Dorchester has produced a booklet, providing practical insights into the lives of disabled people, and signposting useful services.

A Church for Everyone

The working group launch the booklet with the Revd Claire McClelland

The booklet, entitled: ‘A Church for Everyone: Listening to Disabled People’ is based on suggestions from disabled people about what they appreciate as members of the church, what they find difficult, and what would be helpful to them.

The working group was influenced by the writings of Professor John Swinton, who argues that churches should be communities where all belong. The booklet includes questions to challenge churches, such as ‘Do you ask members of your church what is helpful to them?’ and ‘Have you identified people in the congregation who have gifts to support people?’

Contributor Pauline Sampson said, “We like to contribute to our community and be treated like anyone else. Sometimes we need a bit of help and it is nice to be asked about what matters to us.”

Group leader Hazel Morgan said, “We know that sometimes disabled people can feel marginalised and not just in church communities. We hope that by listening to disabled people, we have produced practical guidance which can make a difference to people’s lives.”

The booklet has been welcomed by church leaders. The Revd Claire McClelland, the Vicar of St Peter’s, said “I have already benefitted from being part of the working group. Listening to disabled people has enabled me to think about changes we might need to make.

“This is about more than implementing the requirements of the Equality Act. It is about everyone, whether they are disabled or not, feeling that they belong and are supported.”

A Church for Everyone

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