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Home News "A Harmful and Hidden Crime"

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"A Harmful and Hidden Crime"

by Michael Ford last modified 12 Sep, 2020 09:45 PM

Sunday 18th October is St Luke’s Day. It is also the date on which Anti Modern Day Slavery is marked.

Mother's Union Diocesan President Rosie Stiven says:

"On this Sunday 18th October, may we be especially mindful of the victims of Modern Day Slavery. Let us pray that the wonderful healing power of Jesus Christ, as revealed to us through the Gospel of ‘the beloved physician’, may help all the victims of this global evil to know that they are loved and not forgotten.

"The Clewer Initiative has produced some new resources, not least the poster which accompanies this piece, for display. This is not only for the use of members of Mothers’ Union, but also for the wider Church community. Many of our day to day lives remain drastically altered by Covid-19. So please excuse my plea for you to spare a thought and remember people of all ages, nationalities, and cultures, caught up in trafficking, slavery, and exploitation.

"Modern slavery is a harmful and hidden crime and its victims may be especially isolated and hidden from view during the coronavirus outbreak. If you are able, and having obtained permission from the appropriate person, please print and display this low ink flyer in your church, hall, community centres etc. If one person is ‘seen’ or their voice ‘heard’ and given freedom, then it will be worth it."

A prayer for releasing Hidden Voices from the Rt Revd Dr Alastair Redfern:

Heavenly Father
Who sees the unseen and notices the unnoticed?
Help each of us to hear the hidden voices of those
Who pray for release from slavery and exploitation,
So that we may give ourselves more fully to the
Service of your saving love,
And be strengthened together as agents or you
Healing and hope, through Jesus Christ,
Who himself a came to serve as a slave,
So, to bring freedom and grace to all.

If you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact Rosie on .
Don’t forget to visit The Clewer Initiative website for the latest news, resources and training, including the Farm Workers Welfare App:

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