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Home News A Picture a Day for the Easter Season

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A Picture a Day for the Easter Season

by Michael Ford last modified 24 Apr, 2020 05:40 PM

The Principal of Sarum College is using Twitter to "nourish the human spirit" during Eastertide.

Speaking about the liturgical season of Eastertide, which lasts for 40 days ending with the celebration of Ascension Day on 21 May, James Woodward, who is also Coordinator for the Centre for Human Flourishing said:

"Via my Twitter feed I want to open up some part that encourages, guides and uplifts the human spirit.

"Inspired by this Sarum strapline - Learning to nourish the human spirit - I want to share with you a piece of art that encourages, uplifts and perhaps even guides our human spirit.

"What we have seen and will continue to see in our communities is many examples of the greatness of human character: people who triumph over adversity and, encourage others and are gracious and welcoming. There are so many who stand up for justice, show kindness and compassion and offer wise counsel.

"Each day I will offer a picture and 3 words which I hope might express something of the Easter message and give voice through colour and texture, perspective and focus to those values and virtues that nourish the human spirit. In the light of the narrative of Easter what might it mean for us to exemplify compassion, wisdom and creativity?

"Perhaps art uniquely has the generative power to heal and enlighten. I hope that these images – or at least some of them – might speak to you. I invite you into a journey of discovering how art might help us to live well, to be nourished and to be nourishing!"

You can follow James and his images here.

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