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Home News A Rowing Record for Fuel Poverty

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A Rowing Record for Fuel Poverty

by glynch — last modified 19 Oct, 2015 11:35 AM

Bishop Ed sets out to break rowing endurance world record to raise money for fuel-poor pensioners

He’s at it again! Not satisfied with cycling hundreds of miles in Lent anymore, Bishop Ed is setting himself a new physical challenge – the break a world record, and raise money for pensioners in fuel poverty in the process.

To raise money for the Wiltshire Community Foundation’s Surviving Winter campaign, which helps elderly people with their fuel bills, Bishp Ed will set out to break the record for the longest continuous row by someone in his age group. The current record for a male aged 60-65 was set in 2014 by a US oarsman at 16 hours and 58 minutes and 34 seconds.

At 7 am on 20 November 2015 Ed will start rowing in Warminster gym and keep going until, if all goes to plan, he breaks the record just before midnight.  He will have rowed about 120 miles.

He will be rowing on a Concept2 rowing machine, which is the international standard, used by Olympic and world oarsmen and women for training. Records are held by some of the top names in the sport. Ed has himself been in the British national and world championships on the Concept2.

Ed has also rowed the English Channel, as well as the full length of the Thames twice.

When asked why he has set himself such a crazy task going well beyond the pain barrier, Bishop Ed said, “Every Winter around 200 Wiltshire people die of cold and hundreds more struggle to survive. According to statistics over 30,000 Wiltshire households live in fuel poverty, having to spend more than 10 per cent of their annual income in order to keep their home warm enough. That thought should give me plenty of motivation when I hit the wall.”

To support Ed please make a donation on-line at or complete the form attached.  The first £10 of online donations will be matched under the ‘Grow Your Tenner’ initiative. So each donation will receive an extra £10.

“I would like to raise £5,000”, Bishop Ed concluded, “This is an ambitious target. I hope that both the fundraising and the rowing target can be achieved!”

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