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A Shared Future

by glynch — last modified 01 Oct, 2015 02:05 PM

Catholic Anglicans discuss their varying perspectives at Salisbury event

Catholic Anglicans from both traditionalist and affirming points of view gathered in Salisbury today to discuss the topic Our Shared Future: Catholic Anglican Perspectives, an event organised as part of the Diocese’s Continuing Ministerial Development programme.

Over 40 people, clergy and lay, met at St Martin’s Church in Salisbury, a parish which is a member of the Society of Saint Hilda and Saint Wilfrid, which brings together parishes that are under the oversight of the Church of England’s traditional catholic bishops.

The meeting was addressed by Dr Colin Podmore, Director of Forward in Faith and the Bishop Bill Ind, convenor of the Diocesan branch of the Society of Catholic Priests, and convened by Canon Jane Charman, the Diocese’s Director for Learning and Ministry. Interestingly, a number of those attending identified themselves as coming from an Evangelical tradition but interested in learning from others.

Both the speakers and contributors from the floor identified the very real tensions that remain between supporters of women’s ordination and those who cannot accept the sacramental ministry of women. There were areas of common interest, however, in areas such as the Seal of the Confessional, not to mention evangelism and catechesis. Both traditionalist and affirming Catholics are relatively small minorities in the Diocese of Salisbury.

Speaking after the event, Dr Colin Podmore said, “The importance of today was that it was the beginning of a conversation, and of the restoration of relationships that may have been broken or strained in the past. To work together we need to recognise and not diminish our differences, but equally not be constrained by them.”

Bishop Bill Ind said, “I think the tone of Colin’s opening speech was important. We need above to be moving towards some sort of way where societies like the Society of Catholic Priests can work together with the traditionalist Catholic societies.”

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