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A Thriving Rural Community

by Michael Ford last modified 26 Jun, 2019 11:32 AM

A team from Holy Trinity, Tidworth and St James, Ludgershall have formed a Thrive Learning Community alongside other Benefices and Parishes in the Ramsbury Area.

A Thriving Rural Community

The Hog Roast in progress

The Revd Tim Laudon said:

"We met in the middle of June for two very long and full days that were focused on our journey so far, who were are and where we have come from.

"We began the course by using post-it notes and string to construct a Bayeux-tapestry-style story of the small villages of North and South Tidworth being subjected to a serious of invasions by the British Army, first in 1914 and then again and again over the decades with the largest invading force coming to Tidworth this summer as the Army ramps up its re-basing program.

"From the very start we knew that we were going to have fun on this course but I think we were all surprised by the boldness of our vision after only two days of reflecting on where we had come from and wondering where God might lead us next.

"To say that our vision for 2022 is ambitious would be an understatement of epic proportions, but there was something about the way that the course was run that freed us to dream dreams boldly and with a real sense of hope, even if the timescale might be unrealistic.

"It was a brilliant couple of days and we all came away from the course exhausted but encouraged, and looking forward to our next meeting at the end of November when we'll be considering Leadership!"

The successful course was matched by an equally successful Hog Roast, which followed on from a special service and saw all the churches joining together in a more informal setting. Tim said:

"Having recently become a team, we wanted to bring people together from our two churches and our two communities, Tidworth and Ludgershall.

"Holy Trinity’s Patronal Festival was probably the biggest thing we’ve done for a while. 51 adults and 17 children in church, with at least another 10-15 people who joined us for the free Hog Roast afterwards."

But the roast was also designed as an outreach opportunity:

"We also wanted to start getting to know our immediate neighbours, and having invited all of them to the Hog Roast, one family and a couple of individuals came along. What a result! A great success!"

And thanks to anonymous benefactors, the hog roast - which used local butcher and bakers for their provisions - was a free event.

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