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Home News A year of discipleship at St Mary's Longfleet Poole

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A year of discipleship at St Mary's Longfleet Poole

by Michael Ford last modified 02 Feb, 2022 05:16 PM

St Mary's Longfleet, Poole, have opened applications for anyone aged 18-24 to join them for a year of discipleship, learning, and service, as part of the New Wine Discipleship Year. Previous intern, Will Triffit has shared why it's so special.

"The New Wine Discipleship Year had a huge influence on where I am now. It's an amazing opportunity to learn more about who you are and who God calls you to be. I went into the year frustrated at not knowing what I was going to be doing in the future and that different opportunities had fallen through. However the Discipleship Year opened doors which I had never really imagined. 3 years after finishing, I'm now working for St Mary's Longfleet where I had done my gap year, in a paid role having completed a degree in Theology, Mission and Ministry at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. The experience from the Discipleship Year was invaluable. It developed my leadership, communication, and ministerial skills, helping me to grow in understanding of how Church runs, whilst building some of the most amazing friendships and doing incredible things! We went on a mission trip, weekends away, retreat days and just had the joy of serving the people in our church. 

It's such a privilege to have been asked to run the Poole Hub this coming academic year and to invest in the lives of young people who will go out and serve God's Kingdom in all different capacities for the rest of their life. We will be doing a lot of the teaching in-house but also be bringing in people from across the diocese and wider Church. I cannot wait to get started on this life-changing journey in September. It's going to be so great! "

You can find more information to share with anyone you think might be interested here.​

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