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Activity at the Heart of Christmas

by ajack last modified 08 Dec, 2021 04:50 PM

Picture this. It’s a cold winter's morning, you can smell the coffee brewing, and your family bundles into your room and jumps on your bed, you’re all excited for what today’s advent will bring…

Does this not sound familiar? Are you greeted with a big sigh when you announce you will be doing the same traditions as previous years? The candles and wreaths might not evoke that joyous excitement in children, but we know something that will. 

This year, the Church of England has launched their ‘Family Activities Advent Calendar’, filled with all kinds of creative, thoughtful, and inspiring prompts to count up to Christmas with, accompanied with a prayer of the day. It’s bound to make this advent one to remember. Every day is different with the Family Activities Advent Calendar - with craft-inspired prompts, music-themed activities, and so much more.  

A wide range of other free resources can be found through the Church of England site as part of their 'At the heart of Christmas' campaign where local churches all over the country will be welcoming their communities – onsite and online – to celebrate and share the good news of Christ’s birth.  

‘At the heart of Christmas’ is a deliberately simple and open theme – one that can be used by local churches to invite their communities to share in celebrating the good news of Christmas in a whole variety of ways, whatever the prevailing circumstances. 

Only just heard of it? Click HERE to catch up with previous days and follow along for the rest of advent as each door unlocks. 

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