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Any Old Iron

by Michael Ford last modified 22 Jan, 2020 04:11 PM

The PA to the Archdeacons of Sarum and Wilts is collecting tools.

Any Old Iron

Original photo courtesy Pexels

Anna Wilde hasn't got a strange obsession - she is collecting for Tool Aid Ringwood (TAR) which takes in unwanted tools and other items to refurbish.

Anna explains:

"Tools are then sent via other charities to create sustainable businesses in some of the poorest areas of the world."

Tool Aid has been sending refurbished tools to Africa in this way since 1979. The charities they support offer ongoing support to local communities through training and the provision of tool kits and equipment.

The demand is great - last year one charity alone sent 15 20ft containers - and one 40ft container - containing around 24 tonnes of donated tools refurbished and sorted into trade kits to communities in need.

Tool Aid is looking for:

Agricultural tools: Fork, spade, hoe, garden rake, hand fork and trowel, lopper, secateurs and hand shears

Builders’ tools: Spade, shovel, 3ft spirit level, Axe, crowbar, fork, sledge hammer, bow saw, bolsters, chisels, all types of hammers and trowels, pin and lines, tape measures hacksaws and blades etc

Carpenters’ tools: Bevel, braces, clamps, hand drills and bits, all types of files and hammers, Stanley knife, all types of planes and saws, pliers, rules, all types of saws and screwdrivers, squares etc

Electricians’ tools: Allen keys, hand drills and bits, all types of pliers and hacksaws, screwdrivers, spanners, soldering iron, voltmeter etc

Motor mechanics’ tools: Allen keys, cold chisels, breast drill and bits, all types of hammers and pliers, punches, metric socket set and spanners, adjustable spanners, cantilever toolbox, tyre pressure gauge etc

Plumbers’ tools: Basin or tap wrench, wire brush, breast drill and bits, various grips and saws, screwdriver, oil can etc

Garage workshop: Hydraulic jack, axle stands, battery charger, ramps, large engineer's vice etc

Power tools: Hand and bench drill, sander, planer, jigsaw, circular saw, band saw, chop saw, lathe, cultivator, rotavator etc

Children’s scholar packs and educational books

Sewing machines: manual, electric and treadle

Knitting machines: machine wool and needles

Haberdashery: needles, cottons, large material pieces, rolls of fabric, buttons, zips etc

Fully working IT equipment: Desktop computers and laptops running a minimum of Windows 7, tablets, networking switch routers and cables

If you have any tools you would like to donate, contact Anna in the Ramsbury Office, or Tool Aid Ringwood at or 01425 473968.

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