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Are you Safeguarding Compliant?

by Michael Ford last modified 09 Jul, 2019 04:46 PM

Parishes are being urged to make sure all their websites and noticeboards are safeguarding compliant as soon as possible.

The documents parishes need to display are:

• A copy of the parish’s safeguarding policy. This should be signed on behalf of the PCC. If the parish does not yet have a policy (and it really should have by now), then the quickest and simplest way is probably to adopt the Church of England’s policy which can be found here.

• Information about how to contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, Parish Safeguarding Officer, and how to get help outside the church with child and adult safeguarding issues.

A poster that satisfies this requirement for every Parish has been sent by the National Safeguarding Team to our Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor Heather Bland. Heather has already sent these on to most Benefices in the Diocese, the rest will get their hard copy shortly.

Download the poster here

Parishes may also acquire further copies of the poster from Church House Publishing or Sarum College Bookshop.

If parishes choose to display the information in some other way, then they must make sure that it complies with the handbook’s requirements.

The documents that should be displayed on church premises need to be displayed in an accessible place so, for example, in the porch if the church door is locked during the day.

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