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Home News Bethlehem Priest calls for Action

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Bethlehem Priest calls for Action

by Michael Ford last modified 03 Sep, 2019 03:07 PM

The priest who founded a school helping children with special needs in Bethlehem, has been visiting the UK to raise awareness of his mission and encourage prayers for Christians in the Holy Land.

Bethlehem Priest calls for Action

Photo courtesy FHL

Father Abusada who has run the School of Joy, in Beit Sahour near Bethlehem, visited the UK to talk to local Christians about how they can support his mission with the help of Friends of the Holy Land.

Father Abusada said:

"The challenging politics and economics of the West Bank and the absence of welfare services makes life especially tough for families with children with learning difficulties.

"First, we want Christians and their families to pray for us, second we want them to act for us. I believe what St James tells us in chapter 2, that faith without action is false. First we pray, then second we act. We spread the word and we ask for the needy and for solidarity, for support, for sponsorship to help the children and their families.

"At the School of Joy we offer love first of all, and education and care. At a certain age, we discover their talents and we direct them to learn a skill. We have a small workshop where we teach them olive wood carving. We want them to be independent and to earn their own living when they become 18.

"There are Christians and Muslims, there is no discrimination, a child is a child, we welcome any child to our school.

"As with other initiatives of this kind, funding is an issue. Only nominal fees are charged to the few students who are able to pay. But with many students from poor backgrounds, donations are vital to cover running costs."

Friends of the Holy Land are a UK based charity who work with UK Christians to support our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. FHL, who are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year have been supporting the School of Joy along with numerous other projects to support Christians in the land of their birth.

To find out more, or to support FHL and the School of Joy visit their website

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