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Bin the Blades

by ajack last modified 01 Dec, 2021 04:09 PM

"Hand over your blades, with no questions asked" said St James’ Church, Devizes based in Wiltshire, and Wiltshire Police

From 15th - 26th November, people across Wiltshire had the chance to hand in knives anonymously with no questions asked, by simply dropping them into a knife bin in local venues in a bid to reduce knife crime.  

Revd Keith Brindle from James’ explained that despite the statistics of knife crime in Wiltshire being extremely low, this scheme could make a real positive difference to help potential crimes, or the temptation to partake in these crimes, reduce even more.  

The below churches made up six of the thirteen venues involved in the scheme: 

  • Christchurch,  

  • Swindon Pattern Church,  

  • Swindon St Andrews Church,  

  • Melksham St James Church,  

  • Trowbridge St James Church,  

  • Devizes  

  • SP2 Community Centre Salisbury 

The churches listed played an important role in the scheme, with Wiltshire Police saying they were “neutral, safe places where those making use of the bins will have less chance of being identified and not be observed.”

Speaking about the scheme, Revd Keith spoke about how important it is to pray for peace in our communities, but reminded us that we are:

“called as Christians to also put that into action… to work as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in these situations…”

To hear Revd Keith speak more about the scheme, please visit: 

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