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Home News Bishop Andrew takes a pew for the Children's Society

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Bishop Andrew takes a pew for the Children's Society

by Michael Ford last modified 19 Jun, 2020 10:36 PM

Bishop Andrew has spoken about how young people with mental health issues are imprisoned and are powerless to change their situation by themselves during lockdown.

The Bishop was speaking as he 'took a pew' to promote the Children's Society's Emergency Appeal.

He said lockdown had thrown back into a very "interior life" and while this was a "rich and warm, secure and imaginative space" for many, for thousands of others it was not:

"Home life is insecurity and it is a place of vulnerability and unhappiness."

He said young people were particularly at risk, and encouraged those watching to support the Children's Society in their Emergency Appeal that was especially designed to reach those children and young people whose lives have been made much worse by the current situation.

He said that donations would bring relief to some of those worst affected, "so that they might find their way out of their particular personal prison."

The Society has invited senior Church figures to speak into their campaign to provide children in need with support, called Take a Pew.

You can watch Bishop Andrew's reflection here,

Or direct on Vimeo.

This week, the Society has also been promoting Refugee Week and has produced a range of resources including a video about a young refugee’s journey. More here.

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