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Bishop of Salisbury: 'Tackling Poverty Together'

by Michael Ford last modified 06 Oct, 2017 11:14 AM

The Bishop of Salisbury, Nicholas Holtam, has spoken of his concern for the poor of his diocese as his Thought for the Month in the Sarum Link newspaper.

He says, “Tackling poverty ought always to be on the Church's agenda. This is especially true in what might be a 'triple dip recession'. According to the Church Urban Fund, if you live in the poorest areas of England you are on average likely to die 26 years earlier than those living in the richest areas.”

“Our country as a whole has become more prosperous. We generate more wealth but distribute it increasingly unequally. The gap between richest and poorest is greater than it has been for over 30 years. During our years of growing prosperity, the vast majority of our increased wealth went to those who were already rich- while the poor actually became poorer. This is neither just nor sustainable.”

“Christians have a special responsibility to care for the poor, especially in an economic downturn. It is not just that Jesus cared for the poor and outcast or that the more you give the more you receive. The greater challenge to those of us who are comfortably settled is that Jesus made his home among the poor. That means the poor have something to give to those of us who are relatively wealthy.”

The Bishop is currently asking for feedback from his parishes on their main areas of engagement in local communities. The ‘Let Us Talk’ consultation runs until the end of April.


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