Bishop Praises 'Top Quality' Church Schools Serving Communities

by Gerry Lynch last modified 14 Nov, 2013 11:24 AM

Bishop Nicholas praises contribution and standards of Sarum church schools, serving people of all faiths and none.

The Bishop of Salisbury, the Right Revd Nicholas Holtam, has praised the contribution and high standards of church schools in the Diocese.

Bishop Nicholas said, “Church of England schools in our local communities provide an excellent education to children of all faiths and none. In only 2 out of 196 C of E schools in the Diocese are a majority of pupils taken on faith criteria, while in most of our schools the proportion of pupils taken on faith criteria is in the order of 5-10%.

“The Archbishop of Canterbury has clarified that there will be no change to the settled policy of the Church of England on school admissions.

“Church schools are valued not only by parents who happen to be Anglican, but those who belong to other Christian traditions, those who belong to other faiths and those of no faith. Our schools seek to model and impart honesty, dedication, service to the community and respect for all. These values are central to the Christian tradition, but also part of the heritage of all humanity.

“Our schools are acknowledged as providing a top quality education free of charge. Ofsted has rated 90% of the Diocese’s schools as good or outstanding in their most recent inspections."

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