Bishop Welcomes Facilitated Discussions on Sexuality

by Gerry Lynch last modified 28 Jan, 2014 03:54 PM

Bishop Nicholas looks forward to facilitated conversations being conducted with "creativity and grace".

The Bishop of Salisbury has welcomed today’s discussion at the Church of England College of Bishops on the Pilling Report on human sexuality, and looked forward to the facilitated conversations being conducted with the same creativity and grace.

Bishop Nicholas said:

“I welcome today’s discussion in the College of Bishops, in which strong disagreements were handled with creativity and grace. I expect that the Diocese of Salisbury will do at least as well when it comes to our own discussions.

“The Pilling Report emphasises the Church's welcome of all people and that homophobia is unwelcome. Colleagues from across the spectrum of opinion are in full agreement with that.

“While this debate is taking place, life goes on in our churches where God’s people in all their wonderful variety are accepted."

Read the Church of England's statement on the College of Bishops meeting.

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