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Broadcasting behind bars

by Michael Ford last modified 02 Apr, 2021 12:42 AM

Bear Grylls and a former inmate at Winchester Prison will speak of how the Christian faith changed their lives in an Easter Day service streamed into prison cells across the country this weekend.

Broadcasting behind bars

TV presenter and author Bear Grylls is contributing

So far, 64 prisons plan to broadcast the pre-recorded service from Christ Church Winchester on Easter Day.

Former Winchester prisoner Lewis will contribute a piece of spoken word poetry. Speaking to BBC Radio Sussex, he said:

“I found myself in HMP Winchester 2 years ago and my way wasn’t working any more and I felt truly broken. In that moment I surrendered and I prayed, and I’m not going to say a shining light came down from heaven but I did find comfort in that prayer. For the first time in my life I wasn’t praying insincerely just to get out of a situation, I genuinely wanted help.”

The adventurer and broadcaster Bear Grylls, quoting from his book 'Soul Fuel', will also give a message of hope, talking about his own encounter with Jesus.

He tells the service in an Easter message:

“All of us struggle, but we don’t have to struggle on our own, we have a never-ending source of support and energy that can work so powerfully within us. All we need to do is depend on God’s help and power for each and every task we face.”

Alongside him, other key figures from the Church community will tell the story of hope at Easter, including Simon Ponsonby, one of the country’s leading speakers.

The service also has a contribution from Christian chaplains across the country, who read the Lord’s Prayer.

The service is available to watch online. It will be broadcast on Easter Day at 9am on WayOut TV - the prison TV service.

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