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Home News Celebrating Easter in Lockdown

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Celebrating Easter in Lockdown

by Michael Ford last modified 24 Apr, 2020 05:48 PM

Usually the challenge at Easter is finding sufficient clergy and ministers to take the well-attended and popular Easter Sunday services, but this year our churches faced a very different challenge - how to ensure Easter was observed and celebrated in a time of lockdown and closed churches.

The parishioners of Great Wishford and other Wylye Valley churches rose to that challenge creatively and safely.

Yvonne Allen, Licenced Lay Minister in the Lower Wylye and Till Valley Benefice takes up the story:

"On Good Friday, a cross was erected at the gate to St Giles’ church, topped with a crown of thorns. An Easter garden was landscaped beneath an old yew tree.

"The village settled to pray at home and wait for the dawn of Easter day. That morning, the stark brutality of the cross gradually gave way to a colourful collage of flowers and drawings, with a wreath of spring flowers at its foot.

"Villagers both young and older had contributed to making sure that everyone could share in this bright visual display of joy at Christ’s rising on Easter Day."

And they weren't alone - further along the Wylye Valley, there were more signs of Easter day rejoicing at Stapleford, and at Steeple Langford.

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