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Churches Follow Up Olympics *Updated

by Michael Ford last modified 02 May, 2013 05:23 PM

Leaders from Weymouth churches will host a national tour, ‘The Time of our Lives’, as a follow-up to the Great British Summer, on Wednesday (17 October, 7pm) at the Prayerhouse, Weymouth.

Churches Follow Up Olympics *Updated

Members of the Refresh2012 Committee with the Bishop of Sherborne, Dr Graham Kings

Fusion Youth and Community, an organisation specialising in ‘Open Crowd Festivals’, has co-ordinated the tour. Fusion advises churches on community work and putting on free festivals for children, young people and families.

Presenters from Fusion and other organisations will suggest ways that churches can work together to put on events in villages, towns and cities, celebrating significant dates in the church calendar and sports calendar alike.

The Bishop of Sherborne, Dr Graham Kings, said, “It was wonderful to see churches working together to put on free events in their local communities this year. There was such a buzz during the Jubilee and the Torch Relay, and attending the Refresh2012 Sunday Service in Weymouth, along with 2,000 other people, was definitely one of the highlights of the summer.”

The Revd Anni Douglas, Olympics Co-ordinator, said, “We’d like to keep the successes of this year in mind as we plan future programmes. As churches work on festivals and events together, they can accomplish far more than they could on their own, which is great news for the communities they serve. This training event is ideal for those wondering what to work on next.”

There will be local training days across the country during the first half of 2013 with ideas and resources for local churches, including a new book and small group discussion guide. Events covered so far include the Commonwealth Games 2014, HOPE 2014, Pentecost Festival 2013 and 2014 and the Rugby World Cup 2015.

*Update: a Gallery is available. Click here for selected pics


Over 1,000 Big Jubilee Lunches were linked to a local church and 700,000 Diamond Jubilee New Testaments were given away in 2012. Thousands of Christians put on events and volunteered in over 400 UK communities during the Diamond Jubilee and the Summer of Sport. 

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Further quotes
“Obviously community and partnership are key following the success of the Diamond Jubilee and More Than Gold. I encourage and support this training initiative.”
Pastor Agu Irukwu, Senior Pastor of Jesus House

“It was wonderful to see so many Anglican churches right at the heart of community celebrations and parties this summer with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. It would be so good if we could carry on serving our communities in this unique way.”
Dr. Rachel Jordan, National Adviser for the Archbishops’ Council

“This summer has revealed again how important community is to people. This tour with Pentecost, Fusion and HOPE will build towards the community transformation that we long for.”
Steve Clifford, General Director’s Office, Evangelical Alliance

“The church is always longing to find ways to mobilise volunteers and mobilise the whole church. Community festivals and events are a fantastic discipleship tool. To see this in action I strongly urge any church leader to come along to find out how.”
Roy Crowne, Executive Director, HOPE

Further information
Contact Michael Ford, Communications Co-ordinator:
01722 438651, 07500 836989, 

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