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Comms, meet DIOs

by Michael Ford last modified 11 Sep, 2021 02:03 AM

Our Diocesan Communications Team has got together with two of our faithful Deanery Information Officers.

Comms, meet DIOs

Clockwise from top left: Carole, Dawn, Michael, Penny

The Revd Carole Peters-King, our Director of Comms, and Michael Ford, our Digital Resources Officer, expressed gratitude for the continued contact with deaneries, and outlined what they were currently working on – the Diocesan Giving Campaign and looking ahead for what’s next on the Internet and in social media, along with initiatives for those without access to (or interest in) technology.

Bradford’s Dawn Farmer and Poole and North Bournemouth’s Penny Elliott have been quietly working to keep their deaneries informed, and shared their enthusiasm for news and attending deanery meetings to find out the latest information, events, and other happenings.

Carole and Michael thanked them for all their hard work, and were thanked in turn for their support and the weekly Grapevine news.

We have a number of deaneries with information officers.

The current list is:

Dawn Farmer, 

Elaine Leighton, 

Felicity Corp, 

Julia Taylor, 

Lyme Bay
David Jones, 

Doreen Swannell, 

Poole and North Bournemouth
Penny Elliott, 

Laurence Newton, 

Alison Comlay, 

Michael Dolan, 

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