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Home News Coronavirus won't stop us hearing God's Call

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Coronavirus won't stop us hearing God's Call

by Michael Ford last modified 01 May, 2020 08:11 PM

Is God calling to you during this lockdown? In this time of self-isolation, have you felt called to serve him and his Church?

Well if this is the case, you won't be alone and being in lockdown doesn't mean you can't explore what this might mean and what you might be being called to do.

This Sunday is traditionally the one set aside in the Church Year to encourage those who may have heard God's call to explore this new adventure in faith, and coronavirus is not going to stop this happening.

Each year, Christians across the globe from all denominations are encouraged to think about how God may be calling them and those around them, and while this year Vocations Sunday services will be online or down the line, so are our Vocations Team.

They are available to support those who are exploring God’s call to serve in a variety of ways.

Ronnie Crossman our Diocesan Vocations Co-ordinator explains:

"Although none of us can meet face to face at the moment, the advisers are making the most of phone and online video conferencing.

"The team is still meeting online to ensure that no one is forgotten and we are able to move people on in their journey as best we can and in God’s timing.

"We are all called to follow Christ and some are called into leadership. Sometimes all that is needed is a nudge from someone we trust to encourage us on the first tentative steps to becoming a disciple of Christ.

"Sometimes all that is needed is encouragement for someone to take a first tentative step to think about a call to leadership and ministry. Of course we don’t need to wait until Vocations Sunday to have that conversation, every day could be that day. However there is something very special when a Christian fellowship sets aside time in worship to make vocation a focus on that day.

"We are still receiving new enquiries and have adapted the existing vocation day material to offer an online presentation. Visit 'Salisbury Calling'.

"For those explorers who feel called to Licensed Lay Ministry or to Ordained Ministry, the advisers in both these teams are also working very hard in supporting those in the next stage of the exploration."

The Church of England has also produced a pack of information to encourage us all to think about our calling and how we might encourage others to help us in our conversation about calling into leadership and ministry,

And to help us in our everyday walk with Christ and how we share our faith with others.

For more local information about calling and ministry, please visit You will find information about vocation events and on the different forms of ministry both lay and ordained.

Email the vocations team for more information or to arrange a chat, via .

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