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DAC: an apology

by Michael Ford last modified 26 Jun, 2019 02:16 PM

Synod members were issued with an apology by Diocesan Secretary David Pain, who acknowledged there had been a lot of frustration with the Faculty process and the DAC* Office.

DAC: an apology

David Pain speaks at Diocesan Synod

He said that unfortunately this had been down to a number of issues that had combined together.

The previous DAC Secretary Sue had broken her wrist at the beginning of the year and had been off sick. Shortly after her return to work, she had announced her retirement and left in April.

He said in her absence Catherine Bennett had done a really great job of holding the fort, but with half the staff available a lot of work had got backlogged.

David was delighted to say that Sarah Baines was now on board as DAC Secretary, and he asked that the parishes should be patient a little longer.

"She has only been here 3 weeks now.

"We are bringing in resources, and we do recognise building work is being delayed. We know this is frustrating, but we are now doing everything we can to resolve this."

He also announced that as from last week the DAC had shifted to an online system for the Faculty process and that this should speed things up still further.

Click here to access it, or to contact the DAC Office

John Seaford Chair of DAC said that Sarah was making herself available to the parishes, and launching the new online system should make the process easier and more friendly too. He said:

"On behalf of the Committee I apologise to Synod and Diocese for the delays and frustrations.

"Synod owes a debt of gratitude to all at Church House. It's easy for us in the parishes to think of those in Church House as being on opposite sides, but this is simply not true and we are all simply trying to do God’s work in the community."

* Diocesan Advisory Committee

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